Transformation of traditional corporate philosophy is more important than organizational structure

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why the transformation of traditional enterprises this problem, many people are exploring, each enterprise is considering.

in the transformation of this concept, even if the company does not want to transition to Internet Co to transition to other companies, saying "go", to the development of enterprises, and explore the new situation of the marketing and more advanced management and operation mode are inevitable. Most of the so-called enterprise innovation is in the marketing model, because sales is the leader, sales and access to enterprise prosperity. This ten years, the traditional enterprise sales pressure is not the competition between enterprises, but the online and offline market competition, the major electricity supplier platform circle many sellers, originally a lot of offline to online orders, online and small sellers directly facing the terminal user’s traditional business buyers, beyond the reach of.

traditional enterprise agent channel like two crutches propped up on their shoulders, continue to use, then walk still not immediately teeter, fell to the ground, struggling. The impact of e-commerce and the market, so that the traditional enterprise love hate intertwined, so that the current traditional companies want to transform the main way, or on the internet.

Internet business transformation of traditional enterprises, to e-commerce is not pure, if according to the traditional understanding of the enterprise, e-commerce is a new sales channel, when doing so can be considered preliminary, the real operation will find a lot of problems, e-commerce is not understand the surface of the sales channels, because want to do e-commerce, it relates to the factors of platform, data, logistics, operations and other aspects, not to use the traditional management mode of channel management.

thinking of traditional enterprises and Internet companies thinking on the contrary, the former first consider how enterprises, then will slide into the middle of the user thinking, often use a middle course to maintain the relationship between enterprises and companies; the latter from the user’s point of view, to allow users to become fans, let the customer to serve the company. This point to social marketing tools from the attitude of the two can be seen, the traditional enterprises are afraid of exposure, fear of negative stuff, so very conflict on micro-blog and other tools, including many large businesses have yet to open micro-blog; Internet companies are good at using social tools to propaganda and speculation, and even every hot events want to be stained with the relationship.

e-commerce is not a modern business development of the end point, the future should be a kind of electronic commerce mode, if it is popular with C2C and B2C of these patterns, rising O2O mode, will be fixed is C2B mode, the Internet Co is easy to understand this pattern, as I’ve mentioned in this article in some Crowdsourcing mode for a pig or a cow, and the design of C2B model is to allow users to participate in product depth to increase their sense of belonging, in the supply chain perspective, on the contrary, produce a variety of user behavior data to provide guidance for the production of the enterprise, the accuracy will be greatly improved.

transformation of traditional enterprises, in essence, is a kind of supply chain to the data from the whole

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