The influence of third party platform on E commerce

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The development of

third party e-commerce platform for small and medium-sized enterprises play a vital role in the golden Wangzhuan think that a good e-commerce platform, service and functional requirements has very high practical value.

at present, China’s market share accounted for more than third party e-commerce platform Alibaba, global resources, etc.. By the beginning of 2008, Alibaba has a total of 18 million enterprises, accounting for China’s small and medium enterprises of the top 60%, ranking first in China, SMEs can consider the use of Alibaba services. Alibaba was founded in 1999 by Ma Yun, the world’s first small and medium enterprises to carry out e-commerce third party trading platform. The company has been named the world’s best B2B trading platform for 7 consecutive years. Alibaba to let the world is not difficult to do business as the mission to provide a full range of services for the global SME has brought unprecedented opportunities for development. Golden Wangzhuan here a brief introduction of the services provided by the company, in order to illustrate the role of third party platform:

1, China suppliers. Chinese supplier is the first service provided by Alibaba, Chinese suppliers in fact equivalent to a virtual online market, by the supplier to provide business information, build a platform for information exchange. Join the Chinese supplier members, 8 basic functions can be personalized corporate websites, unlimited products, online video, video enterprise and third party enterprise free top-level domain name, product attributes, search professional buyers and customer management system etc..

2, integrity through. Integrity is a Alibaba website to engage in business activities of institutions or individuals to provide a full range of online trade services, and enjoy the service of the third party certification bodies to verify the identity of the certification.

3, Alipay

. Alipay is a special launch for online transactions secure payment service, it is the essence of the system of credit intermediary, before the buyer received the goods, a value-added service for both temporary custody of goods. Alipay also launched the "full compensation" system.

4, talent service. Alibaba’s talent service began in 2004 founded Ali institute. Ali Institute’s mission is "the e-commerce back to the merchant, through training enterprises or transfer students to help SMEs and Ali network to truly master the knowledge of electronic commerce and the use of e-commerce platform, to achieve commercial success, improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Through the above introduction, the Alibaba services and functions can be seen, the Alibaba is starting from the small and medium-sized enterprises, services for SMEs, to provide third party e-commerce platform for a full range of support for small and medium enterprises business. In short, the third party e-commerce platform, can be a large number of enterprises together to provide them with a full range of services, it should be noted that this model is more suitable for small and medium enterprises. Because of the small and medium-sized enterprises do not have the ability to do not need to spend huge sums of money to establish the electronic commerce system, they can join the third e-commerce platform to implement e-commerce, which can reduce cost, improve efficiency, this paper first.

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