Xu Lei said the Jingdong WeChat entrance ten days on the line

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[Reuters] May 21st news billion state power network, the day before Xu Lei, senior vice president of Jingdong in micro-blog, Jingdong in WeChat entrance has been determined in ten days on the line, but it did not disclose the specific time.

Xu Lei said that Jingdong in the entrance of the city needs a large entrance to the city, the proportion of the population for a period of time, gray scale test of WeChat. According to billion state power network to understand, WeChat also launched heavy gray test entrance "practice", such as accessing public comment, the same way ticket business is the first gray test in the Guangdong area, then to the other city.

Jingdong WeChat entrance forecast position

Jingdong and WeChat integration has been in this period of time attention. On the one hand, WeChat my bank card – featured product has recently revised, and gradually start to move goods Jingdong (previously the main channel for the QQ online shopping fast and easy network products); on the other hand, the Jingdong "micro shop" project investment has attracted many businessmen eyeball.

This huge monster WeChat

Jingdong how to indent the entrance, and how to ease the upcoming 618 debut, is still a mystery.

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