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now the Internet is full of Tencent and 360 of the news, from the day of the war, the two Internet companies have never been a lot of news, see the user is paralyzed, no more than one foot. In line of sight all transferred to instant messaging and anti-virus software, while the Internet is rapidly growing group buying site.

China’s group buying site market there are a lot of problems, the previous news, at the end of 8, glutinous rice network launched a $43 buy gaming City coupons, gaming city has closed. Afterwards, glutinous rice nets announced their own advance the full amount of consumption of 43 yuan per person, a total of 570 thousand yuan compensation; and in November 1st, a fitness club boss absconding, employees are also the key body is taken away, and the introduction of group purchase activity in October 26th this clubhouse still handle online…… Similar to this kind of event, from time to time in the group buying site has occurred. It is because of this, the Ministry of Commerce issued the group purchase website authentication to get hot, but the threshold is high, 90% certification is not successful, but also need to pay an annual fee of $45 thousand is the industry is called to pay protection money, credibility questioned! This will still say this thing on the Internet


whether final certification is true success, it has become a lot of people in the eyes of the "chicken ribs". Even if this is a hybrid market, the number of buy site can be considered only increase without reduction. In January 1st, only 4 domestic buy site was visited, and by the end of July 1st, the number of sites of this type of industry site reached 234, an increase of more than 58.5 times, and now the data is more than 1 thousand and 300. How many even reported group purchase website will be integrated into several large websites, how many times will be called group purchase bubble, but after months of view, whether large or small website, still Enron’s "survival", that is the site will be integrated, but can only be said to be representative of the group purchase the website of the industry, but still has its existence value of each regional group purchase website.

recently reported that in September the number of visits to China to buy the site reached a maximum of 33 million 100 thousand people, accounting for the weekly shopping site visits of up to 27.6%. In 7, August, China’s weekly visit to buy the site showed a sustained growth in the state. On this data, not only in the domestic and other types of shopping sites in the industry with a clear advantage, even in e-commerce developed in Korea, but also a little higher. In September, South Korea’s group reached 3.5%, while China was close to $4%. Korea is relatively high. Whether domestic or foreign contrast, clearly shows that China’s group buying site users in the rapid growth of


there will be a market demand, which is a common rule, the number of domestic buy site, whether it is the number of sites or the number of users will continue to grow.

China group purchase website is temporarily not hot temperature drop, as the originator of the foreign Groupon website is engaged in innovation. This is the difference between China’s Internet world and the world of foreign Internet

!According to foreign media reports

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