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titanium media note: the early morning of April 12th, jumei.com to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) formally submitted a prospectus, the launch of the United States IPO, intends to raise $400 million. In that city, especially the downturn takes stock valuation of technology stocks were killed under the environment, jumei.com what impact the market? What Chen ou to persuade American investors are generally not profitable? The vertical electric field, its strong profitability has become the biggest point of the listing prospectus. Titanium Media Editor jumei.com according to the prospectus disclosure of the data and information, sorting out three words behind the United States rapid growth and profitability:

80 after "idol type" CEO Chen ou and co-founder of Dai amamori since March 2010 start date, jumei.com for four years, in the vertical electric field to create a "online sales model in order to limit the sale of cosmetics fashion magazine style". The listing of the prospectus submitted by the United States, the development of beautiful data. According to data disclosed in the prospectus, scale and profit has become the two highlight of the prospectus.

from the scale, jumei.com in 2013 total net transaction (GMV) approximately $810 million, net profit of about $58 million. Poly beauty online retail market in the United States has gained 22.1% market share, ranking first. In recent years, Chinese online retail market in the outbreak period, compared with the line of cosmetics retailer, the United States is about two times the size of the market and Watsons Sephora, ca..

and the United States focused on the beauty industry, itself is a higher margin industry. Poly America’s profitability is reflected in the 2013 turnover of more than 6 billion yuan, sales of single; by the end of 36 million, poly America has been profitable for the seven consecutive quarter of 2013. In addition to 180 thousand yuan angel investment early acceptance of Xu Xiaoping, as well as the 2011 Sequoia Capital and several VC a total investment of $13 million, jumei.com began to realize the profit, no further financing.

In the three years of development in the "growth"

jumei.com will be very competitive factors in the IPO process. Behind the rapid growth, in fact, the rapid development of China’s beauty industry as a whole. From a global business consulting firm Frost & Sullivan report shows that the total retail sales of Chinese beauty market will increase from $37 billion in 2013 to $71 billion, an average annual growth of 14%; while the online beauty mall sales from $4 billion in 2013 rose to $6 billion in 2018, an average annual increase of 33% mobile commerce; scale growth is expected to reach 49% per year rapid growth.

on China, the United States makeup industry per capita annual consumption of only 22.5 U.S. dollars (U.S. 1/15), is in the development stage, user demand is very strong. So, into the line, is a prerequisite for the rapid growth of vertical electricity supplier. Then, from the jumei.com enterprise itself, from.

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