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to the end of the day of reckoning, not really do not know, be shocked. The day before, once a year Alipay released data show that the bill, Zhejiang Province, the per capita amount paid 94192.012 yuan, ranked second in the country; Hangzhou per capita payment amount of 133210.847 yuan, the first in the country.


universal bill data show that in 2015 the user’s food consumption spending an average of 36 yuan each, chowhound is the largest in Shanghai, followed by Beijing and Hangzhou. In all kinds of snack food, braised chicken Steamed Rice beat Lanzhou Hand-pulled Noodles and Shaxian County snacks, become a new generation of the most popular national cuisine. Travel, last year, the national average cost 20 yuan per taxi. In the mobile phone taxi active list, ranking first in Hangzhou. Look at the red envelopes, the most generous man from Fujian Zhangzhou and Zhejiang Hangzhou, respectively, per capita last year made 1477 yuan and 1433 yuan a red envelope, the number of users send 520 or 1314 yuan a red envelope in the Qixi Festival, is 2 times the Western Valentine’s day, that Chinese pay more attention to the traditional festival. In these Valentine’s day red envelopes, 71.9% by men to women; and there are 19.1% women to men.


from the original simple online shopping category, it has become a way of life. 2015 this year, transfer, payment, credit card payments, O2O line consumption, food and beverage, supermarket convenience stores consumption, travel, financial, social, Alipay covers almost every aspect of our lives.

2015 is a year of rapid development of the Internet, has brought great changes to our lives. As for the sea of foreign goods Amoy Amoy family, 2015 so that they are more convenient to buy things from all over the world.


2015, the blowout development of cross-border electricity supplier industry, not only in 2014 to seize the opportunities of the big cross-border electricity supplier Tmall international, Jingdong, NetEase and other mall koala and small sea purchase, a large number of cross-border electricity supplier one after another, which are small and beautiful sea Amoy platform, oh sea purchase is one very potential (


last September on-line Oh sea purchase, market positioning, targeting women users petty quality of life, professional management of overseas purchasing, as the bright younger generation, before the line has received 50 million angel investment, and the company is expected to be completed in the first half of 2016 A round of financing, financing after the expected market capitalization reached 1 billion yuan.

ah Hai reference and learn from the successful experience of the previous brand, combined with their own product characteristics, to create a sustainable development platform for their own platform. Has a strong supply channels and procurement team, and in Japan, Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary, with a large number of local suppliers to cooperate directly. From the fundamental guarantee of the quality of goods.

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