How to avoid the close contact with the cheater

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online shop, if you do not have a product, then, the vast majority of people are looking for product agents, which will form a shop with Chinese characteristics consignment. With all walks of life are like sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain out, there may be mixed with the industry elite, but also by suddenly worry and cheating survival rat feces, summarizes some shoes Tianya teach you to identify fraud methods, I hope to help those who are ready to join the shop agent friend.

1: look at operating time:

time is the best touchstone, an enterprise or business site is good, time will prove it. Only those who pay attention to products and customers can develop a large website. By suddenly worry to operate business website is certainly not long, this kind of website to send home to catch some general wealth immediately after the close, make only superficial changes again after battle, so this kind of website operation time is not too long. Therefore, it is recommended to open a new shop needs to find the source of friends as far as possible to find a longer time to operate the site.

two: see word of mouth:

first to know the company or web site in Baidu search engine, whether there is negative news, if there is a complaint, if negative information and what are the reasons of making production. Then you can go to Taobao to search the site to sell the products of the store to understand the product situation and evaluation of the guests, if the evaluation is poor or no one is selling his products, then you have to be careful.

three: see pre deposit:

if you just started to contact, said to save thousands of thousands of money, then congratulations, you win. General formal source of goods is to do long-term business, such sites will not require the agent to save a few thousand dollars. Just imagine, if you save 5000, he ran, how do you do?

four: see customer service:

is generally more formal website, basically is online at any time, basically as long as you have a customer service online, online counseling / order / check the goods, if half a website to find a customer service, check goods two days no reason, then there is a problem, do you think he can provide good service for you?

five: see hair credit quality:

first look at the time of delivery, if you are single and has not paid three or four days after delivery, then you are careful, so we in the beginning, you can try a small order, even if you can also buy back, this is equivalent to their own to buy a heart. The second is to see whether the goods are consistent, do not rule out the sale of sheep hair and dog meat and not shipped, especially for high priced products, but also need to be cautious, because even if only a single you may also lose a lot.

six: look at the process:

careful observation, it is not difficult to find that the formal source of the site from the beginning of contact, check goods, orders, payment, delivery will have a complete set of processes, standardized operations not only reflect the professional, but also the current

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