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has been doing grassroots webmaster, now to switch to do network! I’ve seen many webmaster about the operation of the electronic commerce article, now actual operation, many problems to think! Story is not to say, some of the most basic thinking about my city straight into the theme of e-commerce website:

1 a domain name on the domain name? This thing, you point to others is easy, but to choose their own good name really will be a headache! This I have already registered, and the domain name is I did the city classified information, city site navigation, ha ha, due to no the registration is cancelled, presumably this domain name is not very good, even for a long time still no one! I can not forget or re registered as Fuzhou City, electronic commerce website officially launched! Maybe some people don’t understand the domain name for what, because youa is simple and easy to remember and Baidu (ah) FZ is the abbreviation for Fuzhou! How copycat domain name, you remember! If you want to do with the electronic commerce website, the domain name can be "taobao" " youa" add to Combination of initials or code


2 on the program thinking? Open source shop a lot, such as ECSHOP, SHOPEX etc., carefully selected a love program, I chose the ECSHOP official style, the reason is that the style is simple and intuitive and practical position consistent with my site! In my way, because it is the early stage venture capital Co. did not buy business license, please respect the copyright marking the official, money will remember! Of course if you go to the two development or develop their own can, but must remember, do business website is just a platform, business is king! For the entrepreneurial network do not need too much care about the details of the website, put more time in the promotion, so to make money slowly carved your website


3 on the choice of space? Do network space for more space, best not to use free space, speed not to use the space, so customer experience is very bad, if your website open speed is very slow, irritable mood customers already instead of goods in May, a potential transaction record would be up


today about how much, he read write a little laugh, so simple things can write out! Oh, the original station while three points above all know, but after all is with "play", and this is not the same with the company, a person, a the office space, the purchase of equipment, sent the money into the goods, brother is in business, not in the "play", can not afford to lose! I have my ah Fuzhou venture Road Network


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