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[review] with the goods transit in the first half of 2014 Grubhub in the United States, U.S., Amoy little, in the domestic industry to become hot money out of

in a very short time.

text / to mention a chestnut (product transit network columnist)

one year spent similar, each year is different. The Internet industry in the war between the year also appeared a lot of similarities and differences.

what I want to say today is takeout. With the first half of 2014 Grubhub in the United States, U.S., Amoy little bit in the domestic takeaway industry in a very short period of time has become a hot burn.

work for many years in the field of takeaway hungry to get $80 million, $300 million in two rounds of financing within a few months, and has a huge flow of U.S. PK in half a year, the two sides started thousands of billions of dollars monthly burn team competition model. Amoy little bit of development this way a little tangled, but according to insiders, in 2014 hit a lot of money.

if you think the burn is the "small circle game", then you are wrong, capital sought is a breakdown of the industry. In January 19th the zero line announced $30 million financing, September 2014 home delicacy exchange for financing $50 million, in December, the radius of life financing 50 million, Lei Jun also invested "I have".

carefully, hungry, U.S., Amoy is a typical platform model, covering the short-term Chonggao orders and the number of active users through a large range, and then further digging segments. Using a typical Ali system platform approach, that is, the cat model, and then a few self built logistics is the use of Jingdong mall self road, that dog model.

"cat and dog" in the history of the war

history is always surprisingly similar, if you describe the development track and Jingdong Alibaba with the words "cats and dogs" of the war, the war now takeaway is more like "cats and dogs" battle group.

before 2007, the Alibaba’s platform of the road to go very hard, Taobao in the eBay under the weight of looking for life, finally hard to beat eBay, but Taobao has a huge traffic but could not be realized, then moved to "boutique mall" Tmall Taobao was not only out of the plight of earnings. With Tmall’s growth, Taobao + Tmall high-end low-end coverage of all the people, through the "two big puleses" after practicing various exercises are very smooth, so the achievements of Alibaba now big industry.

In contrast,

Jingdong, in 2008 was B2C in the "small potatoes", then dangdang.com is the industry leader, Newegg B2C website later than a lot of Jingdong share. After a few times on the verge of funding the risk of fracture, Jingdong chose the most painful way to build a self built logistics threshold.

of course, Jingdong finally adhere to the reasons for the category advantage, 3C users are high customer price >

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