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July 22nd news, it was learned that the Alibaba group yesterday changed the rules and regulations for the implementation of the rules and regulations of false transactions, the new rules will take effect on July 28th.


billion state power network learned rule change points are the following main points: first, the increase of the specific circumstances of interpretation of false documents; second, increase the false trading behavior investigation and judgment standard.

change the specific content (tenth, Twelfth rules) as follows.

ten, false documents specifically including what circumstances?

The circumstances of

false documents include but are not limited to the following situations:

1, the seller to provide the certificate of appeal forged or altered, such as the PS (Photoshop) software after shipment waybill, purchase vouchers;

2, the seller to provide the voucher system express company (shell appeal that does not have the express business qualification of the company, or even have the qualification but there is evidence that is not engaged in the business of the company issued by the courier), such as a courier waybill issued by Qantas delivery;

3, the seller delivers the goods to send the certificate is actually empty package certificate. The empty package refers to the seller to enhance their false sales, credit for the purpose of sending goods take fictional information, in which the Seller itself or through others to assist in the establishment of false trading order, at the same time, as the false camouflage trading orders of the "authenticity", the seller to or through the assistance of others made goods sent information.

4, other documents for fictitious transactions.

twelve, how to investigate and determine the behavior of false transactions

1 [] seller shall determine the artificial and business network in accordance with the principle of honesty and credit in the shop, Taobao received complaints and reports or clues, convincing evidence of the case, abnormal trading will arrange for sellers shop suspected of false transactions carried out investigation. If the seller is found to have abnormal transactions, the seller must make a reasonable explanation and provide the evidence, otherwise it will be judged as false transactions.

2 [system] because of the number of Taobao sellers and the number of transactions is particularly huge, only through manual investigation can not effectively curb the growing momentum of the number of false transactions. The probability of learning and based on big data technology, Taobao has developed a "false trading model" system, the system can carry out the investigation of abnormal transaction data from multiple dimensions, commodity prices, trading account transactions, financial transactions, logistics etc..

[3] for the system to identify the abnormal transaction data false trading model "system investigation, the system will be based on the theory of probability based on preset logic to determine whether the transaction is false. For the system to determine the behavior of false transactions, in addition to the seller in accordance with the requirements of the following sixth complaints, Taobao can be based on the Department of

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