College students 700 thousand years of entrepreneurship how they do it

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in the field of domestic main control board, openjumper brand influence has reached third, the first and the two are very strong domestic companies in the second.


smart box founder Zhang Ming / Salt Science and technology writer we are four college students, we have only two years of entrepreneurship, we opened two companies, we have a profit of $700 thousand a year.

that doesn’t sound real, but it’s true. We rely on the vendor control board the niche market to earn his first 700 thousand, also use the money to open the second companies.

to promote the creation of guest culture by way of money

Salt Science and technology writer has always stressed that we are doing creative culture, we are promoting this culture. In the creation of the play is the main control board. Understand the main control board knows that this thing is equivalent to the brain of the machine, the computer switch CPU, it can control home appliances and lamps, the main control board in China is very early, but not many people know about it.

is one of our founder, CTO now, has a very deep understanding of the main control board. So we started the first project, after the suspension of educational robots, we began to control the board. Because our engineer, in 2007 before the start on the main control board, and a lot of people know that the main control board is after 2007.

with the development of college students and create customer groups to understand foreign information, in recent years, more and more people begin to understand this product, this is precisely the direction we have been trying to let more people know that a guest of this group, and what they do.

to play the main board of the people are basically create a customer, the creation of a passenger regardless of occupation, regardless of gender and age groups, because of common interests and gathered together. In order to facilitate the promotion of customer culture, we have a large open source hardware brand Arduino Italy, on the basis of its in-depth development of our own master control board brand openjumper. According to data released by the Data quest Inc in China, the main control board, the openjumper brand has reached third, the first and second place is very two domestic companies, regardless of the shipments from the company or the strength we can match, but this does not affect our products.

so the premise of making money is a good partner and good products, and Salt Science and technology writers feel that the first two also need a good promotion. Only promotion can make your product, no matter what it is.

promotion is the last word

no matter how good the product can not be pushed out but also a pile of furnishings, want to make money to make the company successful operation, promotion is necessary.

for our company’s products, the largest customer base is a school teacher

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