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A few days before

, noting that Yang Fan teacher site planning blog Google Sitelinks, when I asked the other colleagues, they said I was Yang Fan teacher site planning with very limited knowledge and scanty information, blog Google Sitelinks, he worked in group said it. I realized that this was supposed to be around October last year, when I went home. Otherwise, I will not be the last person to know the network marketing institute.

recently, I always toss template, also pay attention to Yang Fan teacher site planning blog the Z-BlogCMS template for a long time, but has limited capacity, but failed to imitate. If it is not the total spin in Mr. Yang Fan’s blog, on his blog template, learning his website planning, maybe I don’t pay attention to what is Google Sitelinks? Not further to understand the Google Sitelinks, and on a website, what Google Sitelinks and representative


online for Google Sitelinks, description and comment on the article is not much, as to make a website how to produce Google Sitelinks, I believe that many webmaster and SEO must be very interested, I personally think: has the Google Sitelinks website is a comprehensive expression of personal brand and influence, only has a certain authority and innovation in some industries the awareness of the site can be Google Sitelinks. (pictured below: Yang Fan’s Web site planning blog)


and Google Sitelinks represented the SEO has reached the level I can not easily reach the peak of perfection, that, because I know, make a conclusion the consequences will be users of tile wait –!. But at the same time, I also noticed a lot of sites with Google Sitelinks, SEO do is generally very good, in the search engine to show the weight of the unusual. Such as: Yang Fan teacher site planning blog, Baidu ranked second in natural (see yesterday is the first time, do not know what time the super Hao "kill" up), in Google ranked first, ranking first in YAHOO.

refers to the reason, about Google Sitelinks KYX produced by the station more than 1 years old, the main keywords ranking occupy Google search engine ranks above the first and 10 months, as far as I know, Yang Fan teacher site planning blog meets the above requirements. Because of the different search engine algorithm is not the same, the same keywords can simultaneously occupy Baidu and Google first website should not see more, I think that the Google search natural ranking first prevail. As we all know, Google’s natural ranking relative to Baidu is relatively stable, not

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