Electricity supplier marketing cost effective and easy to implement 7 simple and efficient case

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customer convenience for e-commerce sites and ease of use often talked about, but marketers are aware, in order to achieve this goal in the customer life cycle process, and get the value of the investment return rate is not easy, this need multi-channel and multi direction marketing strategy. However, there are also some part of the electricity supplier enterprises through a number of lightweight innovation and marketing strategies to achieve the first significant success. Low cost, high performance webpower Chinese area from MarketingSherpa this year many e-commerce case study to select a few of domestic enterprises the most inspiring and easy implementation of the marketing innovation case, let’s enjoy


case 1 multi-channel marketing: countdown advertising to enhance the order of the day 8%

if you have a great service no one knows, then even if it is not new, it is worth your promotion. For birthdays, holidays and other fruit flowers, chocolate fruit gift surprise gift program Edible Arrangements celebrate (Aidi PO) on the day of delivery service is already in existence for many years, but not every consumers know the advantages of the service, including some of the old customers, so the company’s vice president Kaitlin Reiss decided to promote the electronic commerce service.


this, its strategy is: 1) to extend the day delivery service. The team chose to use 5 p.m. as the latest delivery time standard to attract customers who want to take orders after work or on the way. 2) and then through the use of online countdown timer, advertising, etc.. 3) after, through e-mail alerts and advertising, a variety of ways to highlight the social media, search engines, web site advertising to continuously improve the customer’s brand, the day of delivery awareness. Edible Arrangements is the use of a small number of channels on the simple promotion of the day of delivery to increase the day of delivery orders 8%.

: your company has inspired services have been fully play its potential role in the? Is questionable, although these services for the company have been used to exist, but for some customers, especially the new customer is new.

case 2 mail marketing: shopping cart discarded mail to achieve more than 65% of the billing transformation

marketers are aware of the fact that the shopping cart is out of work, and a lot of e-commerce companies have also found it possible to retrieve customers by dropping mail. It is the largest mail marketing service providers, display mail and SMS, WeChat, APP and other multi-channel marketing services webpower Chinese research area, some consumers will use the shopping cart in the shopping, to find their own love of the goods, and then buy. But do you know what other types of customers are discarded, for example, can an email know who has discarded a product page and returned to the site?

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