Explain the four aspects of WeChat circle of friends is not universal marketing

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these years WeChat marketing circle of friends hot people Gee, and now many businesses will also be a circle of friends marketing becomes demonized, WeChat has been advocating the circle of friends, but WeChat’s circle of friends is not omnipotent, in the face of WeChat marketing unpopular in the circle of friends, we should face the WeChat marketing to a circle of friends a rational attitude, so we should see the WeChat marketing circle of friends and to promote the future development by changing the weaknesses.

data acquisition poor

Although WeChat’s

marketing circle of friends can bring many benefits, can more directly face the customer, but there are still some shortcomings, first data acquisition is poor, not through a more intuitive and accurate data flow to provide help for businesses, in this era of big data, the data can be called sales assistant, leaving only the customer based on sales data is very difficult to succeed, but the huge profits brought by customers with marketing data is obviously. The data acquisition of the marketing circle of friends is the difference the difficulty of data collection is greatly improved, so to see the WeChat marketing in your circle of friends, also don’t forget this a disadvantage, but this disadvantage if do not pay attention, bring the shackles for long-term development of enterprises or businesses.

The consequences of irrational marketing

A lot of

by WeChat marketing business with WeChat marketing, regardless of any reason, all kinds of advertising scraper, usually as can be imagined, people will pull the black, and some businesses do not want to how to improve the quality of products, and a taste of the WeChat marketing circle of friends constantly exaggerated or even false marketing, lead to customer to get the products after malignant feedback, these are typical of the WeChat marketing circle of friends irrational marketing, they lack the thinking process, the consequences.

causes such irrational marketing or due to lack of soft and hard combination, which leads to the present situation, the soft is WeChat marketing content to let customers accept comfortable, not like the traditional "fire sale" effect, which requires businesses how hard from the soft start it is hard, and the quality of the products will not pass the hand after the customer has no feel not satisfied, so it is also counterproductive, let the customer pay for their high cost of marketing, this approach will only let WeChat marketing circle of friends worse effect.

positioning is not clear

and WeChat marketing, can be said to intend to do, but did not do a good job position, this situation is very common, do not know what their friends love, do not know who is the object you want to do, will be placed in a WeChat circle of friends, this is like buying a pile of gold lost in the sand, the average person is very difficult to distinguish.

WeChat marketing circle of friends in weakness is not clear can be said to be caused by marketers, they don’t know what you need to show, this is the WeChat marketing in common, in the number of micro.

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