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why every day there are so many domestic blogs are created, of course foreign may be much more! This is a question worthy of consideration! Of course, more importantly, how to make your own blog to this is a talent shows itself, we are very concerned about things here, pay attention to the cool dog 29 recommended design blog marketing to everyone, I believe that if you can according to the following operation, then your blog can

talent shows itself!


The use of

1, an independent domain name, such as or you can use in the name of independent domain name plus BLOG and the like, if the conditions you can make such a promise,! You should try to avoid hosting services, avoid cannot use independent domain name.

2, select a general favorite blog programs, such as WP, such as ZBLOG.

3, a good design of the appearance of their blog.

4, keyword research keyword discovery, WordTracker, SitePoint, SEOBook keyword research.

5, the optimization of the blog: A: template optimization – RSS subscription options, optimize the code of social bookmarking links to B:html, only the title and URL, web site navigation design C: a suitable plug-in, let your blog more outstanding D: create around keyword categories.

6, let the blog automatically open trackback and Ping function.

7, create a Feedburner account, and then track the link!

8, in the Google site management center, submit a blog about the sitemap, convenient and included!

9, determine the authority of the blog, website. Then the site of the chain activities.

10, the format of their own articles.

11, view the site traffic statistics.

12, submit your RSS-FEED and blog URL to excellent RSS sites and search engines.

13, the establishment of foreign chain to maintain a certain continuity.

14, if it is a blog or video content, can be, blog or video content, please submit the site directory.

15, submit your blog to the web site directory.

16, in other places to promote your blog, announced that it has been established.

17, build an article review mechanism in your blog, if you have the ability to OK, you may also be able to help others!

18, research and review of related industries blog >

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