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get up early to see a circle of friends a message: early in the morning you are so exciting…… The 19 year old college student, actually do province generation, generation, generation, I want to say, is more than early in the morning was stimulated, since the circle of friends sneak into several micro business, WeChat will be open as long as the stimulation of


full of micro business news ah!

watched this friend to you on the skin care knowledge, while looking at another friend in the sun Moumou derivative and make a fortune, but on the other side and saw a "pit than Taobao’s Micro trick, but throughout the micro business panorama, or you can see some people continue to enter this world business circles, micro network has become one of the most important profit resource.

in the end is a derivative of what fruit, why would it flowers fertilization


1, entrepreneurial passion to the vast unbeaten micro trade routes

micro business chaos objectively, although many, but still have entrepreneurial power. A gangster nine wins and one defeat so far but Fenghua world, Silicon Valley will be entrepreneurs on the door…… Micro business entrepreneurs in the fate and experience no difference, large tracts of warriors "died" on the battlefield, but there are still fought subsequent warriors since brilliant, in front of the total business benchmarking of heroes and the characteristics of micro business stands far! Very low threshold is contributed to the entrepreneurs frequently born stage.

a lot of things, there is a letter, do not believe that there is no, entrepreneurship is also, micro business is also true.

2, WeChat official in the growing achievements of the third party platform

micro channel from the initial blow now marketing to guide and standardize the marketing, in recent days and the introduction of material management interface and so on, a number of actions tell us a truth: the day before the WeChat ecological development in the most important part of the "liquidation", mainly by the third party platform.

and micro business is the third party in the most promising venture capital.

always have a young entrepreneurs to join, but also coincided with the official WeChat togreat guide derivative business scene only bigger not smaller, more derivative 2015 will not be so easy to die.

face is still a big prospect of micro business, do you know how to build micro business contacts?

sales are the same person, the service is choose you instead of him, just because of you a glance partners have where…… Contacts is an essential element of any entrepreneurial team are indispensable. So, micro business contacts how to find it?

1, as long as the understanding of a micro business big brother, seeking to add

micro business arena is a circle of friends of WeChat, WeChat is relying on the exchange of social features, and WeChat group has become the brightest micro entrepreneurs who exchange experience, the best place for resources.

so, as long as you know a micro business friend, from the circle of friends, or

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