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is known to all, Taobao diamond booth is a burn stuff, but also to train, train, I prefer diamond booth. Some might say, the train is relatively cheap to diamond, booth costs higher, why would I prefer to cast diamond booth? The surface train seems to be cheaper, but that is not the case, I would sum up according to their actual delivery in the process of data analysis, the main reason. Attributed to the following:

1, train advertising is quite a few shops in the goods on display, not your exclusive advertising, no focus, easy to disperse the attention of buyers, the hit rate is not high, while the train is to pay per click, a click billing, but since the choice of advertising, the biggest purpose is to have the a large number of users to your shop through advertising click, thus further purchase? Below is a picture of the search results page to the bottom of the train show screenshots, you’ll see, unless the product and price you enough to attract people, otherwise click rate is not high, it is difficult to make the store traffic surge situation.


2, through the above picture we can also see that train advertising forms are single, are directly call your choice of products, not in the picture of the product selling point for extracting outstanding, or put on the brand image advertising. But let us look at the diamond booth advertising form, by contrast, below is a screenshot of the diamond advertising Taobao one day right home page two screen, because this position size is large enough, can better show their advertising exposure rate is high enough, so I have to choose the position of running, so all the examples in the article, but also to the position for example:


I have put on, 98 yuan is the 300X250px size jeans in the above picture, we can see that the advertisement position in the Taobao home page, is a piece of advertising the biggest regional location, can let you full of practice of selling products, plus elegant advertising design effect, and only the ad placement, which won a large number of user clicks, make your shop flow in the instant surge.

3, diamond booth and train is not the same, according to the CPM, which is according to the thousands of people show paid, if you do not understand what is CPM, can refer to my previous post: "how to invest at least the largest advertising effect?" in this paper, a detailed introduction to the CPM since it is! According to the CPM billing way, then we should be in the period of advertising, make as many people as possible to click on your ad, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the cost of each click. As to how to do this, this is a very big relationship with your advertising design, and I’ll take what we put in advertising and data to illustrate how to design advertising:


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