A5 marketing President compulsory courses those unspoken rules

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The boss of

, a superior position, and coordinate the company’s overall operating direction. Today, more and more enterprises not only do offline marketing, but also the target locked to the internet. However, the real taste of sweetness, and even how much meat company? More and more enterprises consuming human and financial resources are not effective do not say, also the loss. So, who is the responsibility of the boss, a decision maker!

first, not all enterprises can easily enter the internet.

some sites have not been ranked for a year, this is not uncommon, why in the A5 marketing SEO diagnosis (http://s.www.admin5.cn) will be a summary of this:

lottery sites, news sites, medical stations, health and beauty site, Zhou Yi Feng Shui, why? Some sites must do all kinds of on-line record, such as drug site needs: Internet drug business card, Internet drug information dissemination license; therefore, the site your credentials are perfect.? in addition, as well as information, health, Zhou Yi type of site, are more likely to involve some sensitive topics, such as promoting feudal superstitions, or political topics involved etc..

so, as a decision maker, are you ready for your site? If you don’t understand it, it seems that knowledge must be expanded;

second, not all products, can be used to do goods.

The promotion of

products is not a commodity? We’ve done some business station – "Le shift" main "Bluetooth headset" but the boss over there the idea was to other products in the station optimization.

The so-called

, and as small and fine, you want to get in the search engine more, then do more! If different types of goods, then please re building a separate site to do may be better! What have to do, it means that what is done. Of course, the premise is that the two products are "eight pole could not beat a correlation is not up, not because of their own so-called ideas, will affect the performance of your SEO,

finally blame his incompetence!

third, not all traffic words, can do rankings.

this point, we give an example, today made a second-hand car type of site diagnosis, there is no ranking, so why? Search: used car,

ranked ninth, tenth of the site is "Baidu" the weight of 7, how do you match its? Don’t say I can make money, sooner or later, a little unrealistic! In this way, the delay is the time, as a decision maker, which is compulsory, although you are SEO.

fourth, the last piece of advice, not all employees are good employees

the cost of a web site, the important thing is that you want to set

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