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has no title, only real content.

Baidu CEO Robin Li also said that the future of Internet applications for the king, the operating system is no longer important. Now in the user’s computer desktop tied to any web site, and so on, has been slowly past tense. Now the Internet open, sharing, users have the greatest right to choose, in order to capture the user, the application has become a trend.

The development of a

application, the author think we should first think of your application can help users solve what problem, then how to promote the application, let more users know about this application, use the application, finally is the updating of repair, to the best user experience. Today, the author in order to promote the hair style hair design software, the application to simply say how to promote the application of software. Note that Oh, is the promotion of software applications.


first, the use of open platform. Apply for 360 desktop, Baidu applications, Tencent webQQ applications, happy network, Renren application. By virtue of their strong user base, to expand their software visibility and downloads. Here in detail, how to apply for 360 desktop applications and through. For the 360 desktop is mainly to understand their audit standard submitted before the application, submit the application specification specification, type of right, the author has several times not passed through the telephone to communicate with them that. First of all, before submitting the application, for your software to create a app format, the point of the development of documents, there is a tool to download, click download and unzip, there will be a folder named WebAppTools.


open 360WebAppCreator.exe, it will pop up the following window


ID can not fill in, name and title can now fill the above (currently in the test of your software can not be used) Url will fill in the software application you submit the url. Width height adjust yourself. Point to start, you will see the point of opening the application of your software. The point is, this time in the folder automatically generated a folder of your software applications, the title is just filled in name. This is the important information you need to submit. I said that the configuration requirements, the software icon need 3 different sizes of ICO and Png format, size were 16*16, 32*32, 48*48, a software load graph 800*453 PNG format; and then open the configuration settings, can see the 360 official to the case, after that was done, and then open the 360WebAppCreator.exe this test, if no problem, put your software folder into a compressed file, if the zip format. All inclusive

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