The manufacturing industry with nternet custom economic niche to Zaixianbolan

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custom millet "became a hit, point out a way for traditional companies to embrace the Internet to open up new marketing model indeed, obviously, HUAWEI with offline resources: technology and manufacturing capabilities, gradually began to overcome millet, alone in the leading position in the domestic mobile phone. However, the success of HUAWEI all manufacturing industries in the Internet can be customized with success does not mean, after all, different industries, different users concerned about the heat, "customization" is not a "panacea"



and the mobile phone industry is very similar to the home appliance industry, have begun to test the waters of custom, in just the second session held in Wuzhen Internet Conference, exclusive interview with the chairman, the board of directors of Haier Group CEO Zhang Ruimin. Zhang Ruimin said that the next ten years the development direction of the Internet will be customized platform competition. "I think the next one must be a custom platform competition. Now the electricity supplier to store almost squeezed out of the store, and now there is no electricity supplier what competitiveness. Future customization should not rely on the store and electricity supplier, and the user completely zero distance. This represents a very important principle of the Internet – seamless connection."

and Haier is also testing the water custom. It is reported that Haier specifically for mobile phone users on a APP product, Haier plus "public exchange", registered an account about the experience, Haier opened a "custom" is built to meet the individual needs of consumers, because it is one to one service, so in terms of price and ordinary household appliances, higher prices some of this can be understood, pipeline operation and separate production, design costs accounted for a large, and millet "custom" and a "smart mobile phone market is facing hunger, another face is one of the few have certain consumption ability of consumer demand, this" custom "has a certain market, but in the mainstream of the home appliance industry, but is an ornament an accessory, niche is unlikely to make waves.

in the case of Haier, the current home appliances customization has three main types: appearance customization, custom hardware and software service customization, for most consumers, are generally from the pursuit of appearance customization as the main consumption, including the demands on the user appliances customized size control, color selection, material matching, external shape etc. direct factors, including the products touch comfort and beauty of art, style and other characteristics to consider change degree. The relative hardware and software services, home appliance manufacturing industry has long been in the production of water out of the grade, a refrigerator, the price varies, in fact, the difference in the hardware configuration!


will customize a simple understanding into a service, obviously does not meet the modern industrial production, modern industrial revolution is the biggest characteristic of industrialized production, if returned to the handicraft industry in one "custom", it will greatly reduce the social productivity, obviously, this custom does not comply with the "public" do not meet the demand, "the masses" demands, so, how to subvert the


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