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worked hard to do stand up, is facing a serious problem: how to let others know what I stand? Because many owners do not know how to marketing their own site, and lead to early death.

I am also a mixed on the network of small webmaster, let me tell you some of my experience.

first, submit to the search engine. This allows the majority of Internet users to find your site from the massive Internet data. As for how to optimize Baidu please refer to my article: Baidu SEO personal experience summary

second, the use of Baidu know, according to the characteristics of the industry, to answer the above questions. For example, my station is a global hospital medical industry, every day I know in Baidu to answer some related diseases and provide detailed information of the link, so every day Baidu know can bring me 70-80IP. The answer to the question is to solve the problem for the questioner. Don’t just order a link. It doesn’t work.

third, blog marketing. To establish their own related blog in the famous blog, update every day number article, write some original article, so can the large site search ranking higher characteristics to bring their own station visibility.

fourth, E-mail marketing. Here to remind you that this is not to let you send spam. When using E-mail to send an e-mail, first of all to determine the target customer mailing list, the message must be sent to the other party to provide his needs. In order to attract your customers.

fifth, Baidu post bar, QQ group. This is a long process. Set up around their own site QQ group, and paste it. It takes some time to run.

sixth, the use of industry forums. Mixed connections in popularity, relatively high flow industry forum posts. In order to improve their website visibility in the industry.

network promotion is a long road, need to have great patience and perseverance, the need to constantly explore new ideas and creativity.

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