Old wheat market situation analysis and the opportunity to Amoy

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Tao birth time has been for several years, from the simple beginning of the promotion, it has formed a lot of mature marketing channel mode, then based on the present of the Tao is a kind of status quo? Laomai here to share some views.

from the promotion way, Amoy promotion is relatively simple, has not formed a systematic operation; from the person, team, or in a relatively inferior position, there are many good cooperation now is guest team, the system, thus leading to a guest high barriers to entry; from the above single promotion and team operation, which led to the emergence of the income polarization is very serious.

from the current situation, and then Amoy market opportunities? Laomai think or some, after all, there will not be a big market, the giant monopoly market, after all, this and many industries are not the same, many segments of the market there are still many opportunities.


The present situation and the opportunity to guest

first, the use of good resources under the line, if you have been engaged in the line before the work, or have a friend to do the line work, and they can be a resource exchange docking. The user into the line to line up, this is a resource for a friend can be quickly realized.

second, do not have the resources under the line how to do so we can only think of ways from the strategy. The new idea proposed is to find laomai promotion of the new bright spot, to get your first seeds users, the latter can be slowly enlarged. Here are some of my three ideas.

A: poly. To find the first batch of precise user, where is it? For example, QQ group, Post Bar classified information website and so on too much, you need to find the user location, find their contact information, such as e-mail, mobile phone number or WeChat can. Contact to find back, and then let them move closer to you, let them know what you do, and in favor of what you do. Old wheat does not recommend mass, do not harass users. Can take a one – way, or other more accurate way to get their trust, seed users do not need a lot of, the most important is the degree of trust.

two: fission. After the seed user is found, the next step is to attract more users through the seed user. The fission of the most direct way is to give the user some benefits, the most used should be the red people, another way is to transfer a through you can save money to go shopping this idea, this will produce a coexistence of interests, the user stickiness will be strong.

three: amplification and conversion. Through the long term to provide valuable products, of course, some cost-effective products to meet the needs of users. Amoy Amoy through Taobao, Juhuasuan or some brand businesses, cooperative businesses, get some cost-effective products, to use >

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