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a few days ago to travel to Wuhan, noon meal at the hotel in Wuhan encounter two girls, 90, I have done some micro business, not only interested in talking a little, a bottom from the city to do a generation, do not too much income in March.

generation does not do is a lot of time to spend their subordinate agents extremely excited to teach subordinates can even lower retail, retail, retail space than the space agency after all, so a lot of retail agents is not much, but the profit is more than their own, but hard to find a lot of subordinates, each subordinate is only in a few boxes of goods, return their feel worth this year to pay;

and the other little girls have to work part-time, the agent is smaller than she is, she also prohibited the training group chat to contact the other outstanding agent, so do badly, March was about to give up, continue to do the job; two people are now firmly believed not derivative can make a lot of money, more than ordinary the white-collar salary, millions of years into that dream…

…In fact, this situation is also quite

generally, are "derivative" playing bad family, playing a "internal", originally pure girl is now full of distrust of worldly things, even if you talk to her about the ideal of life, learning and innovation, talk about the future, they said "you’re extremely excited about you, I have to learn a phobia, chicken immune system, uncle, you and we don’t brag…


I can only understand that, originally began to add each other as WeChat, later abandoned the idea, after all he is not impossible to change the Savior of all people, no magic to generational young people instantly believe you, believe that opportunities in the moment and they rub shoulders and go…

micro business, in fact, is a product of the times, now in the street, subway, restaurant… Everywhere. Bow, mobile phone control, I did 20 years of marketing work, only know that an exceedingly simple truth, advertising promotion to find the target population gathering place, the effect will be the ideal

TV before many people look at me on the TV ads, newspaper many people look at me on the WeChat mobile phone newspaper promotion, now more people play, I have to keep up with the trend of marketing to embrace the future here, That’s all., the agent system is normal in the traditional channel mode, of course, the core difference is that we are a selection mechanism, strict management system sales, promotional support or auxiliary pin system of agents, and the management are the real marketing management personnel in the industry, which is two years thriving micro business, the highest level of management itself may not even just graduated college graduation, do not know what 4P, do not know what USP is a unique selling proposition, also did not stand a day to do a day promotion counter,..

but they grasp WeChat dividend period, bold vision and courage to punch, unexpectedly in the early stages of development do pours, sun sun Benz, Martha Lahti, and subordinate agents and Aihong, addict double day…… derivative > play.

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