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01 clear content

if you want to be a web designer and want to build a web site, you should first consider the content of the site, including the site features and what your users need. Your entire design should focus on these aspects.

02 capture user

if the user is not able to quickly enter your site, or the operation is not convenient, web design is a failure. Don’t let the user down and turn to your opponent’s website.

03 optimized content

content is the core. About two years ago, the enterprise website is like an advertising brochure, even worse, the site uses a lot of pictures, seems to be centuries to download.

04 fast download


does more than to take a long time to download page of more 4-1. As an experience, a standard web page should be no more than 60K, and it takes 30 seconds to load the 56K modem. Some designers say web pages should be loaded in 15 seconds.

05 website upgrade

always pay attention to the operation of the site. The performance of a good host with the increase in the number of visitors may slow to run. However, if you don’t want to lose visitors, be sure to plan your upgrade plan carefully.

06 learning HTML

design site with HTML, you can control the entire process of design. But if you’re just a beginner in web design, you should look for a software package that allows you to modify HTML. HomeSite4 is a good Web design tool. In the design process, HomeSite4 can help you learn HTML. It also allows you to switch to WYSIWYG mode so that you can preview your site before sending it to Web.

07 strokes with a website framework

sage cloud: pen is stronger than sword. Before using the computer, with the stroke of a web site framework, showing the relationship between all the web pages. Plan your users how to browse your site at least.

08 site map

many designers put their web site map on the site, this approach is more harm than good. The vast majority of visitors are looking for some special information on the Internet, and they are not interested in how your site works. If you think your site needs a map, it is likely that you need to improve your navigation and toolbar.

09 click rule

heard about the 3 Click rule? For small sites, there is no information on your home page, you need to click more than 3 times. For large sites, use navigation and toolbars to improve operations.


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