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this is the annual meeting will be held in some of the problems, I hope you can be aware of the webmaster.

from the party to determine the present, the center of the day is the Spring Festival party, these days have been very substantial. For the first time in my life, it’s hard to organize so many people.

when the scheme is to see "heavy" this post on the mountain, "" come, consider your views, and out a to nursing homes and only make the party’s program, finally settled scheme is not in fact refer to everyone’s opinion, because I don’t know who to turn to a post after discussion, and not many people respond. Many things need to decide here, please forgive me.

was mostly at work forum, thank you very much "Yudu Hongda travel agency" support, then I don’t have that, "Yudu Hongda travel agencies face a lot of pressure, but really want to make the party, is not really difficult. Fortunately, the "cat" and "water and exquisite" has been proposed to help, they examine each party site, there are chartered, dining and so on all things to plan, Ping shan. Maybe we didn’t understand you at that time, and now I am in everyone say to you: hard!

engage in the most important thing is to sign up, looking at the number of applicants so little, was really very worried, afraid that the party can not do. Advertising in the forum, QQ group propaganda and so on have used several times, or did not see the increase in the number of people, when it was prepared to send more than QQ 1W mail, but unfortunately Tencent group. Registered members behind often asked how many people, was still crustily skin of head said there must be full, but with time the number has reached 101 people, there are still some relief.

thank you again for "cat", the party by her a complete solution, and has been in contact the party. We look at the party that the process, the party venue from the venue to the bar, "cat" made great efforts. And "water and exquisite" has been in the implementation of charter things, the party received 1000 yuan sponsorship and she contributed to the forum, and hang banners in the station. Here for "Chairman Hondar transportation company", "HTC everyone more or less on the transportation company" some misunderstanding, the talent to understand the chairman to do charity in the dark of the number, each township and village roads are generous solution, Yudu event is ultimately HTC support.

returned to Yudu on the evening of 8, went to Yudu Hongda travel agency "to implement the relevant things for second days, things are going well. At that time the party registration also some programs didn’t show, "water and exquisite" proposal for "Yudu Theatre" to add to the fun, for this party funds did not reach, there are Chinese food and dinner party "water and exquisite" help we paid the deposit, virtually touched me, "Yu Douhong travel agency" very conscientious for us to do in these things. And here also like to mention "cat" "Yudu youth team", "cat" in order to show the special dance rehearsal party.

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