Southern China tiger incident from the perspective of planning

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a raise a Babel of criticism of Southern China tiger pictures within a month, the government, experts, media friends, spare no effort into this debate event. Remember before the Internet there are often UFO, such as monster pictures, nature is really false, but there has never been such a big controversy, believed to be false but people laugh, people think it is true, not to ignore the opinions of others, but in the event, everyone full of passion, full of fearless spirit, dare to use head bet warriors everywhere.

event to the present, it is estimated that there is no true and false; and, further development, there will be no results. Although now forestry experts and Zhou Zhenglong have found mountain tiger, but many users have been put on the road blocked, they think, even if the tiger found, is also a chance to find, nor is the tiger on the photo. In other words, you Zhou Zhenglong no matter how to prove themselves, are useless, that you are fake or false, really is false.

for the tiger is true, personally think that there is not much for the significance of recognition, but this event is not the core of the authenticity of the photos, but planning this controversy means, this means also reflects the status of China. Regular Internet friends should remember before the events, group events, Chinese lotus Shaolin Temple is a Japanese ninja beat event, this thing is true is not much significance, the key lies in the number of manufacturing topics and attracted many eyes.

as the site planning, put aside all moral factors, only from the planning technical point of view, or admire the planning of these events of people, especially the Southern China tiger incident, it should be said that is one of the classic case of marketing event site planning. A photograph, some so-called experts, a group of gunmen, several Internet media, just a month to make the whole China its special concept note, this is a sensational effect before all the product advertising and marketing master creative cannot do it.

below, we will analyze how this plan is generated, and achieved such good results.

first step forward. This event first released several well-known websites to hearsay famous published photos, the photo and published, from a professional point of view, the level is very low, regardless of whether or not a real photo, but it must be treated, the purpose is to let people doubt the. This is also the use of modern people like self righteous, like the performance of their own smart psychology.

the second step, the first suppression after yang. Just as people doubt, threw out the news that after identification, the photo is true, but not negative, but also cited the local government, the photo is true, the tiger is true, but did not give any certificate. It is here that it is precisely the emotions of the people

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