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first from the name of the site to talk about the name of the site should be said to be a focal point, we choose here the local + industry nature of the more popular practices. Originally intended to take a more distinctive and differentiated names, and try to avoid similar competition. But my creative Co., finally can only choose "the vulgar Chengdu decoration nets" site name. At least a simple and clear description of our website is to do it.

besides domain name choice: choose one of the locals are easy to remember domain name: take my site, the head of the decoration for ZX Pinyin, "028" for the area code for Chengdu, two groups of combination with plus.Com is a site of the domain name. Very easy to remember, but also facilitate the decoration of the owners of the next visit.

next is the website design and program development of things: the production of Chengdu decorate nets cost us planning group and production team of more than a year’s time, debugging repeatedly on the website of the appearance and function of the module upgrade, finally formed this version today. The purpose of website development is to allow users to maximize the browsing experience.

The design and arrangement of the

column has been through our repeated thinking, users can easily navigate through the web site navigation menu function to selectively read. All web sites have passed the W3C certification, in line with the new generation of web design standards, has a strong cross platform compatibility. Allows you to get as much consistency as possible between different browsers and operating systems. Web site design using the UTF-8 language, regardless of the owners in the country or abroad, are able to read the contents of the website accessibility. Our website is the goal of "bring Chengdu to the world, let the world know Chengdu! Starting from the point view of the user, we are particularly in the website provides" online matching "function, and the collection and production of fine flash animation. Online color is also in accordance with the bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom several common features to expand the structure. Owners can choose according to the tips of the animation and color matching. The web design process although the twists and turns, have gone through hardships, but we think there is still room for improvement and room. I believe there are a lot of changes, I hope you can be generous with your criticism.

finally talk about the website promotion thing: a good website cannot do without planning and marketing, decoration decoration net net is the same, for what is the crowd, what is the starting point of profit? What is the preliminary work, what is the middle of work, what is the late work? A year after the plan should be tight execution plan out of operation, after a goal


, of course, to do a successful localization of the promotion of the site is also essential to promote the line: the line should be said to be a lot of webmasters are not willing to do, because most of the owners are technical background. Feel as long as the site optimization and promotion of online, offline promotion is not necessary, or is not required. But personally, I think this is completely wrong

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