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A network business model

derivative is the electricity supplier after the latest rise, with WeChat, micro shop as the carrier, to the mobile intelligent terminal for hardware based, with a circle of friends to carry out relationship marketing products and services. In 2014 is the derivative of the outbreak of the year, a lot of friends in the early, seize the opportunities, make a pot of gold. Whether it is from the product, team, or brand, have achieved good results, reached a certain height.

micro business products are mainly some of the higher profit FMCG, distribution, purchasing based, micro business practitioners with strict levels and income division, and the general market pricing system is more stringent.

micro business model has violated the law?

in fact, this is a lot of people are closely concerned about the problem. Now it is speaking about what is marketing? Marketing refers to the organizer or operator development personnel, through the development personnel directly or indirectly to the development personnel quantity or sales performance for the calculation and payment, or ask the staff to pay certain fees to obtain qualification etc condition. The purpose is to seek illegal interests, disrupt the economic order, affect social stability behavior.

The reason why many people think

derivative may violate the pyramid bottom line is because they will think that micro business group sellers circle of friends. Sellers circle of friends through a proxy legal risk trigger pyramid, they are all levels of management, development line (agent), the general line of all the relatives and friends, line generally must first buy goods; is used as a slogan to make easy money.


derivative and marketing: Sales of commodity prices is not general, mask, clothing and other consumer goods relatively high frequency; the fundamental purpose is to sell to make money, not make money by fraud.

however, I Dongsheng after a long time to do business and personal contact with micro business found that the current micro business also has the following problems:

(1) credibility. Micro business overall credibility is not particularly strong, I Dongsheng many times to recruit agents of the group to listen to them on the course and method of sales, to stop and feel particularly surprised, such as selling the mask circle to tell you how good their result is down, but the 90% is to use this marketing package in fact, this is not called packaging, more is a kind of contains a lot of deceptive, "Wangpo saying, puff" methods of doing.

(2) profit is not high. I think there is an Dongsheng whole derivative problem is beyond profit product homogenization phenomenon is not high, because of the presence of micro business system products, mainly to the main mask, of course, now there are many agricultural products, agricultural products, I think it is a good atmosphere, but some people sell very cheap apple, apple, pear and so on, but itself is relatively cheap, the operating cost decreases but the profit does not support you later go on, but also in the whole fruit sales in the process of the service is not good, profit naturally not enough to support the late.

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