3 of the most serious marketing errors a software company can make you look at

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for B2B software and software as a service (SaaS) company that has evolved from early to mid term, it is difficult to open the market in the enterprise. It’s really hard to solve this problem by using a solution based on a long list of tests that a lot of business customers are seeing, and you see that your sales growth is still stagnant.

welcome to the challenging business world.


such as Salesforce, Workday, NetSuite and athenahealth and other companies have developed a successful sales model B2B and their companies gradually become the pillars of the SaaS ecosystem. But most private companies still face the challenge of Mount Qomolangma. There are a number of factors that can slow down the company’s B2B sales progress, including competitor challenges, timing issues and product defects.

let’s take a look at the three most serious mistakes made by the software company in terms of sales:

error 1: only good product market fit is far from enough

George · (George Mathew), Alteryx’s president and CEO, said: in today’s enterprise software market, to ensure that the user experience is more important than maintaining the status quo 100 times."

There are a number of reasons why

can account for this error, including the fact that inertia, accountability, and bureaucracy hinder the development of corporate marketing. For emerging companies, this means finding a way to get even faster with less resources. In the end, it will be found that centralization is the key.

Yammer, one of the founders of David · Sax (David Sacks) earlier this year when he took over Zenefits’s CEO solved this problem. "When the company has a clear task list and schedule, the company can enhance the efficiency of the maximum," Sax writes: "for us, this means that the ultra high focus on product market fit the small business market is most conducive to our development."

"super focusing on product market fit…… the small business market" is what mean? It means that the higher degree of the pursuit of market subdivision, your product will have a unique and attractive place, only through the pursuit of this professional market can better achieve exponential growth. Many private B2B companies have developed solutions that will help some customers, but there is still a long way to go to achieve the desired results. The average revenue per customer is still below the target value. Sales of some new customers are incremental rather than exponential growth. In other words, only product market fit is not enough.

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