Business performance online shopping rights is difficult to pay a compensation system can be improve

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According to Xinhua news agency,

, at the national Industrial and Commercial Bureau forum, Ali, Jingdong, Dangdang, Amazon and other ten major electricity supplier giants have signed a letter of commitment to pay a compensation system. Consumers in the event of delay or refusal to compensate, the electricity supplier platform is responsible for the first payment to the buyer. If the electricity supplier platform can really be implemented to this point, then it is of great benefit for consumers, because of many disputes arising from online shopping is expected to be improved. Electricity supplier transactions involving a number of links, buyers, sellers, manufacturers, courier companies, etc., in which any link will cause unnecessary disputes.


online shopping rights has always been a difficult problem, but the cost of rights is relatively high, so many consumers can only remain silent, self suffer bad luck. For example, Taobao bought a laptop computer, but after receiving the goods found damaged. So want to return, and the owner of the consultation fails, the owner may say that the courier company or manufacturer’s responsibility. Consumers want to find the courier company claims, it is even more difficult, between manufacturers, shops, courier companies often started to kick the ball to each other, their ultimate interests to shirk responsibility, or the majority of ordinary consumers.

similar complaints and there are many times Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform, but the most settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. The goods are damaged in the package who is the responsibility of it, or is the courier company, or manufacturers and businesses themselves. One of the courier company’s responsibility is relatively large, a number of courier companies to sort the parcel is very violent, often randomly placed parcels. Violent sorting is easy to cause damage to the goods, especially during the eleven double Shopping Festival, due to the amount of the package is too large, so in order to pursue the efficiency of sorting, small courier companies extremely irresponsible.

the major electricity supplier platform promises can be paid in advance, it means that both the courier company, or the responsibility of manufacturers or businesses. The interests of consumers are not damaged, some time ago Taobao was selling fakes, Jingdong is traced to the sale of refurbished machines. The two business tycoon has not stopped, thereby exposing the domestic business platform credit crisis. In addition to the Jingdong has its own logistics facilities, other business platform is responsible for the delivery of parcels by other courier companies. For example: Yuantong express, SF express, STO, electronic business platform is not the direct management of the courier company.

so the major electricity supplier platform must reach an agreement with the courier company, courier companies urgently need an internal rectification. In particular, those violent sorting small courier companies, if not managed, will certainly lead to more online shopping disputes. Not only is the courier company’s management process has fatal defects, as well as the professional quality of the courier also needs to be improved. Express package lost when the situation has occurred, such as not solve the old problems in the logistics chain, then online shopping rights is difficult to estimate will appear.

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