How to invest the funds of B2C website operation

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recently, with friends about B2C capital investment, Pwh think this question is no trivial matter. Because we do any project will have a preliminary budget, B2C website is no exception, but the B2C project is basically a soft investment, it seems that the amount of investment is not easy to measure, more dynamic components…….


, there are very many entrepreneurs tend to B2C has not formed the objective understanding and cognition, optimistic, think to do a B2C website is a very simple thing, even in the presence of very dangerous idea. Some entrepreneurs have set up their own B2C sites, but take a lot of detours, losses of tens of millions of funds, but it is often just because made some common mistakes caused by…… That should be how to use your money? In the absence of goods (direct commodity costs, supply costs, warehousing logistics costs, loss of goods, etc.), PWH’s idea is this:

1, B2C site operations team (including the site technology and operations team, customer service team, logistics team, etc.) invested $30%;

2, B2C website operation office expenses (including office rent or buy, office equipment, web server, other office expenses, etc.) into the capital of 10%;

3, B2C website advertising promotion costs into the capital of;

4, B2C website operation reserve fund of 10%;

in accordance with the proportion of the table to the level of income in Guangzhou, usually a good B2C site operations team, at least 1 million -200 million a year investment. Then, according to the proportion of 30% of the team, in addition to the cost of goods (commodity costs in accordance with the specific circumstances of the different) of the year the total investment should be about 5 million.

of course, the above projection is just an input model hypothesis, the number of inputs is also related to the following factors:

B2C founder has network operation experience

founder has industry experience

whether there is a mature B2C operating team

whether there is a brand advantage

whether the advertising experience

whether there is the ability to follow the financing or financing capabilities

source: Pwh’s e-commerce blog: Reproduced please indicate that, in addition, there is no calculation of the B2C business process may take detours, mistakes and losses.

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