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note: national policies, regulations and instructions to some cadres hands away, out of shape, "cold, refused, horizontal push" vulgar habits prominent, some even use the power of "eat, take the card to". The phenomenon of this phenomenon is called the authorities in the obstruction

text / Li Junhui

"village music what is


estimates that a lot of people don’t know. However, little is known in this town, sounds make people naturally think of "Nongjiale" "village music", known to create the most innovative and influential "China rural market channel promotion platform, help enterprises to open up the Internet" Internet plus "to the countryside into the village of" the last kilometer".

what is their "comments", "Arabian Nights" or "city folk" but "bag of goods"


to understand this problem, may need to sort out the current constraints under the "Internet plus" strategy to the countryside village landing in the obstruction which, the so-called "village music" can do what.

three "obstruction" restriction "Internet plus" to

as everyone knows, since the "Internet plus" into the government work report of the State Council, national strategy "Internet plus" also become the governments and enterprises of all types of tightly linked to the mouth of the pet phrase "".

but can not be ignored is that if the "Internet plus" or first-tier cities in the eastern region, belonging to the "water channel", then "Internet plus" to air plant in the Western or rural areas, there are several "obstruction" needs to get rid of.

first, "everyone can access to Internet popularization, from rural or rural electricity supplier universal point of view, first is to solve the problem of rural hardware Internet users, including Internet access and Internet equipment (computer, intelligent mobile phone etc.). Only to solve the problem of access to the Internet, there is the Internet what to do and then the possibility of a transaction.

but from the countryside to the user’s point of view, if the "Why buy a computer, why should the Internet" the two most basic understanding of the problem or idea cannot be broken, so rural Internet users enthusiasm is not aroused.

to solve this problem, the most important thing is to make the rural users to realize and feel that the Internet can give him a substantial impact on life, especially income.

said bluntly, is the Internet must really help them build up the family fortunes ", otherwise, they are not as good as" slack when playing mahjong".

then, "you can surf the Internet to be" construction, popularization and development path in the city or the eastern region as the Internet, to solve the basic problems in the family can access the Internet ", in order to cultivate rural users surfing habits, the need to increase the available on the Internet" construction "

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