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This double eleven

distance less than 15 days left, but in addition to mid October Ali headquarters in Hangzhou held a grand "double 11 global Carnival will start with a mobile phone, Ma on bluefin tuna from Japan Saul, spend 30 thousand and 8 this year to become the first single Tmall double eleven, whether it is in the media advertising the platform or a variety of promotional efforts, like many quiet than usual.

October 27th, Alibaba group released as of fiscal year 2016 in the second quarter of fiscal year. Revenues of 22 billion 171 million yuan, an increase of 32%. Net profit of 22 billion 703 million yuan, compared with the same period last year, an increase of RMB 3 billion 30 million yuan of $649%.

in the earnings report, through detailed analysis, about 1 inkling: profits from Ali health assets; 2 Taobao trading volume growth has slowed down, gradually reduced the gap with Tmall, Tmall is the rapid growth of the mobile terminal; 3 mobile terminal revenue growth highlights, an increase of 183%, the proportion of the total revenue from last year 29% in the same period, up to 61%. 4 Ali cloud fastest growth, revenue grew by 128%.

and Jingdong in the very early before the disclosure of the second quarter earnings report, as of June 30, 2015, Jingdong second quarter of the total trade reached 114 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 82%, net income reached 45 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 61%. The longitudinal comparison on the volume of transactions, the overall turnover, Jingdong are gradually eroded the share of Ali, Ali this quarter of the overall retail business turnover growth of 28%, even lower than the same period in the growth of the overall market, while the Jingdong is at least two times to increase, which means that the Jingdong acquired more shares from the new market.

is the traditional business tycoon Ali and Jingdong, is to illustrate an indisputable fact, today’s Internet market is no longer a single large, but burgeons, common development situation. A few years ago, Ali’s first Tmall double eleven shopping carnival, half off or less discount, so many online shopping in the grass root 11 am desperately berserk. And every year the double eleven, Ali is repeatedly hit a new high in online sales, in 2014 the total turnover of Ali reached 57 billion 100 million.

According to the actual operation of

years ago, every year the double eleven often in June began to prepare, each month after Ali will see the money to pay the advertising call, various media platform, online platform to promote red and so on; however, so far, did not make more the action, look at the Jingdong, Suning, in previous years, the three often in order to grab the customer market, do all kinds of tricks, and strive to make a fight at outrance not stop posture.

Jingdong and Suning in so far there is no big movement, nor in the space of dialogue style, so they don’t treat the upcoming eleven? In fact, as long as we think of this year’s operation and the state of mutual.

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