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according to iResearch data show that in 2010 Online Retail accounted for 1.9% of the total retail sales of the whole society, while the same period in South Korea was $6.3%, the United States is 7.8%. Relevant departments are expected in 2012 China’s online retail market sales will reach 713 billion yuan, accounting for the overall market size of 3.5%. The Ministry of Commerce predicts that by 2013, China’s online transactions will account for 5% of the total social retail goods. Data show that, on the one hand, China’s retail industry is relatively backward development of the electricity supplier channels, on the one hand shows the potential of the channel infinite!

therefore, recent traditional enterprises get together the Internet, on the one hand, the glint and flash of cold steel industry. However, the problems encountered by the traditional Internet companies are more confused than harvest: how to deal with channel conflict? How to grasp the network public opinion? How to adapt to the rapid changes in the enterprise service system electricity supplier channels?


had to undergo training, traditional enterprises can gradually realize: the original business channel not to build a website so simple! Business online development is often restricted by many environments, in fact, in the electronic commerce platform is the same! And the line is different, the rapid development of the network environment to electronic business platform faster response to emergencies. In fact, enterprises need to establish a channel to adapt to the electricity supplier DNA. Some experts will be compared to the troops in war, "you are the army, you can take a tour, but I’ll give you a fleet you is not to fight battles, you can not open the plane." The fact is also gradually verified this view: there is little news, China Post’s company to invest in the formation of the B2C website post ceremony network announced in February 1, 2011 shut down, or become the first collapse of the B2C website."

the real environment of China’s special to the seemingly powerful traditional enterprise has brought unexpected difficulties, such as: the logistics channel is backward, enterprise management system does not have the characteristics of learning enterprise, electronic business management. On the contrary, the logistics channel has been developed in the United States, the top ten online retail is half of the traditional business operations of the B2C site.

so, the main problem faced by traditional enterprises to build electricity supplier channels where exactly?

from within the enterprise, is nothing more than three points:

· awareness, in particular, the leader’s awareness of how to keep up with the development of electricity supplier channels. The traditional business executives say that while business contacts, establish business department. Looking at the traditional channels accounted for the bulk of the absolute performance of the business either indifferent, or spoil things by excessive enthusiasm. Lack of rational understanding and planning.

· organization, how the organization of the enterprise is compatible with the electricity supplier channels in the traditional organization of the enterprise, the need for rapid changes in the electricity supplier channels, often lack the necessary support and understanding. For the lack of awareness of social marketing channels, generally take a hasty delete posts and other so-called public opinion control approach to get the problem.

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