Under the new economic environment changing network channels competition

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with the development of the Internet, online shopping trends continue to rise, home shopping more and more consumers to experience the convenience and accessibility of information network communication, but the network has become the focus of the new chuanhuo.

network Chuanhuo

network Chuanhuo phenomenon not only in the clothing industry, in all walks of life will have Chuanhuo phenomenon. By means of the network makes Chuanhuo become more rapid, cross regional, along with the changing phenomenon, we need to think about is the network marketing in the end for what kind of business. Network Chuanhuo the ultimate beneficiaries is only big dealers, for brands, product sales network of low price, negative effect on brand is immediate, the market price is not uniform, or even fake, the brand’s future growth and maintenance, the negative impact is enormous, is immeasurable, the author suggests that once the scale of the enterprise the network Chuanhuo, must be treated carefully, to avoid brand unpredictable crisis, security monitoring shop will be in place, security monitoring website www.365uptime.com is very good, the error will be in mobile phone.

I think, most of the domestic apparel enterprises are operating through the franchise or province generation, if the brand level agents, and two dealers to establish a trust and restraint mechanism (franchisees has margin), as long as you see in the network products of different prices, or should not appear in the network, we must be local the dealer can even deposit penalties responsibility, to play the functions of control and supervision. How to avoid network Chuanhuo, I have three suggestions:

first, as far as possible to ban the provincial agents to direct the main channels for the shop.

second, unified market retail prices, shop and physical store uniform price.

third, even through the network sales, promotions or discounts are required to apply to the headquarters and norms, can not be arbitrarily.

shop and the relationship between the store

We can see

ONLY, UNIQLO, Lining brand began selling on the Internet, but they are basically in the online sales of goods in stock, or a quarter of goods, even if the sales of the new season, physical stores must also have the corresponding promotional activities. Shop and physical stores have several key points need to pay attention to.

1, seasonal goods. After 45 days of sales, you can discount sales through the online store, so you can deal with all levels of dealer inventory of goods.

2, the price of the network and physical store prices consistent. Mcglaughlin is a good example. In particular, to say is like H& M, ZARA convenience goods do not do online shopping. Because of their relatively dense network, store area, sale belong to popular convenience goods, on their website, click on the goods will tell you where to buy H&, M, ZARA >;

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