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has recently been Alibaba China supplier consulting us, how to do a good job in the promotion of Alibaba platform, Alibaba platform to do to pay attention to those factors. In fact, it is not easy to answer this question, because there are too many factors involved. But the most important thing is the core of only two points: first, how to do a good job in the location of the keywords ranking position, the second is how to deal with product images.

the first point, how to improve the ranking position of product keywords


product ranking position, will directly determine the promotion effect in the Alibaba on the platform, which is focused on the electronic commerce operation in, basically 98% of the buyers are through keyword search to find products and suppliers. How to improve the ranking of the key words of the product is the most direct way to buy Alibaba’s fixed ranking advertising. The advantage of this is that the position can be fixed without maintenance. The disadvantage is that the price is too high, not the general business can afford. Alibaba fixed ranking advertising lowest price also needs 24000 yuan per year. There is also a way to optimize the service provided by the Alibaba, through the SEO technology means to make the product keywords ranking naturally in front of the first page. Such as the word "Motorcycle" keywords ranking advertising has sales to 20 and twentieth after the ranking is the natural ranking, through the optimization of our services can be optimized to twenty-first, if you buy twentieth keywords, need to spend 24000 yuan. Twenty-first can be achieved through our optimization services only need more than 1000 yuan, we should know the difference between the twentieth and the twenty-first should be small, but you can save a lot of promotional costs. Keywords Alibaba English platform not every product ranking advertising sales to 20, while others are only a few sales, and even some keywords ranking without advertising sales, such as keyword can optimize to the front 5.

second points, how to deal with product images.

Taobao, an e-commerce expert once said: network promotion is not a product, but a product image. It can be seen that the importance of product image in e-commerce. Companies are generally not professional artists and photographers, pictures are often used after their ordinary camera, without treatment directly uploaded to the Internet, this picture not only background clutter, and color, and some deformation. Is this a picture of the product you see later have a desire to buy? After the buyers see your product information, fine degree decided to give you send inquiry depends on product images, because the same in Alibaba on the platform of products are basically the same, only the form of expression of the products through the picture, the picture through the advantages of the products perfect show in front of buyers.

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