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continuation of last year’s online shopping doubled growth trend, this year, Beijing determined the online retail sales of 70 billion yuan, accounting for the proportion of retail sales of social consumer goods accounted for more than 8%. This is the Beijing Business Daily reporter learned yesterday from the Municipal Commission of Commerce information. To achieve this goal, Beijing is studying the field of electricity supplier export tax rebate policy to encourage cross-border transactions.

in addition, the Municipal Commission of commerce also said that Beijing will increase the planning of vegetable retail outlets, strengthen the quality of commercial service personnel, and comprehensively promote the healthy development of Beijing business.

electricity supplier cross-border transactions will refund

Municipal Commission of Commerce, Beijing last year to achieve online retail sales of 59 billion 680 million yuan, an increase of nearly doubled over the previous year, which accounted for the proportion of retail sales of social consumer goods in the proportion of 7.74%. This year, Beijing will introduce the healthy development of e-commerce advice, improve the industry environment, in order to achieve the goal of 70 billion yuan online retail sales. To this end, Beijing is studying e-commerce enterprises to carry out cross-border transactions, expanding the size of international circulation. According to the Municipal Commission of commerce circulation development (Electronic Commerce Department) deputy director Yu Wen introduced to encourage e-commerce enterprises to carry out cross-border transactions, like American consumers to after consumption, can enjoy the export tax rebate policy.

in fact, the export tax rebate is mainly through the refund of export goods of domestic tax paid, so that their products excluding tax costs to enter the international market, with foreign products in the same conditions of competition, enhance competitiveness, expand export.

Beijing not only encourage e-commerce enterprises to go out, but also hope that e-commerce companies to play their own channel advantages, the introduction of more foreign goods.

Municipal Commission of Commerce, said Beijing will also play the advantages of online retail, explore new ways of importing goods retail.

in addition, Beijing will also promote the electronic commerce in the field of network invoice pilot, reduce operating costs.

increase vegetable retail point

to alleviate the public "buy food difficult" problem, this year, Beijing will strive for the introduction and implementation of the "vegetable retail network system construction management approach" (hereinafter referred to as the "management approach"). The relationship between consumers and most closely is the vegetable retail outlets will has increased substantially in the community planning, which will significantly reduce the price of vegetables.

Municipal Commission of Commerce responsible person, the "management approach" will focus on the planning of community vegetable retail network infrastructure, etc. for allocation of the number of markets, supermarkets, etc. multiple format standards, the formation of effective supervision according to the planning and implementation. At present, Beijing city every thousand people have 20 square meters of vegetable retail outlets, the new "management measures" to raise this standard to 100-150 square meters, Tianjin, Shanghai and other places to emulate.

in addition, Beijing will continue to encourage the county community recycling, leaseback retail outlets Vegetables this year, plans to add 100 new outlets in the vegetable circulation mode.

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