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recently, WeChat marketing is a major concern in the home appliance industry, Gome, Suning Appliance Sales of the two large speculators have pledged to enter the micro shop, and so we should open thousands of stores. Moreover, not only is the seller lofty, even manufacturers are optimistic about the micro shop, have to establish a micro shop platform. For a time, the micro shop seems to have become a hot word appliance manufacturers are concerned about.

manufacturers generous open micro shop

to open micro shop, whether appliance vendors or manufacturers are very generous, almost every family boasted to open micro shop. Reporters learned in the interview, home appliance manufacturers are not only the goal of opening a micro shop amazing number, the expectations placed on it is not small.

Gome President Wang Junzhou in the analysis of results in 2014, announced that this year the United States to upgrade the whole channel strategy for the full retail strategy, the goal of a country in 2017 to re create". The United States and the retail strategy is a very important part of the platform is added in the user interface, micro shop". Wang Junzhou said: the United States and the United States is the core of the whole online retail strategy, the United States online can achieve 100% growth, the core lies in the micro shop employees."

Wang Junzhou believes that the United States has nearly 300 thousand employees, micro shop can make the United States online sales growth, covering the entire online and offline channels. At present, more than 10 thousand employees have opened the United States micro shop.

according to the reporter, currently the United States has been in Xi’an, Xiamen pilot micro shop model, employees to open micro shop APP or WeChat mall micro shop in the United States, micro shop 60%-70% merchandise is required by the provisions of the hot commodity company, staff will recommend products to relatives and sales, can be obtained with the line of stores are basically the same the commission.

another chain giant Suning as early as the end of last year began to encourage employees to open a large micro shop. Suning provides data show that the micro shop still in beta APP registered users has exceeded 100 thousand, more than 50% employees Suning opened a micro shop. Suning model is adopted in the micro shop all goods from employees, according to their own interests personalized micro shop operators.

vigorously promote the micro shop is not only home appliance vendors, as well as home appliance manufacturers.

beauty is to promote the United States partner micro shop platform. The platform is open, interested people can join. The relevant person in charge of the United States said that the United States is essentially a partner model of micro marketing, so that all have the desire to participate in, love the beauty of the product users to help us recommend products."

reporter saw from the "beauty partner", said the WeChat public, ordinary consumers to become a partner of the micro shop fans are eligible to purchase a product at a partner price, consumers purchase and partners will receive the corresponding sales commission, as well as the corresponding silk powder partner increase publicity commissions, store the goods are marked "partner price" and "business partner, the lowest price" price than the lowest price of 100 yuan cheaper electricity to 1300 yuan.

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