Behind the crisis and the road of independent brand Amoy

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Abstract: the speed of the traditional brand of electricity supplier, far more than the traditional brand Amoy brand speed. With the next line of the brand overall business, the rapid popularization of mobile Internet, the future will not have the distinction of Amoy brand and line brand, the two will be integrated, that is the demise of the Amoy brand is the inevitable result of market development.


Amoy brand is a very interesting and very representative of China’s electricity supplier phenomenon. It is accompanied by the rise of Taobao platform was born, with the prosperity of Taobao platform to develop. The course of its development and decline, it can be said that China’s electricity supplier in the early growth of a condensed history.

The origin and current situation of

Amoy brand

early Amoy brand is purely a product of Taobao traffic bonus, then Taobao in a seller’s market, Taobao users demand for products is very large, while Taobao sellers few traditional brands, providing quality products is relatively limited. Through a few burst of money, Taobao sellers are likely to create a Amoy brand.

before and after the establishment of the Taobao mall, scouring the use of dividend distribution of the brand was a geometric multiple barbaric growth, the rapid rise of a myth.

but with the establishment of Taobao mall, especially after the 2012 renamed Tmall, a large number of traditional brands under the strong influx. Whether it is the early brand Tmall, or now the big name Tmall, are in the flow of resources to the big brand tilt, making the brand Amoy brand and flow double squeeze.


Tmall women’s field, traditional brands have equal shares with the Amoy brand, sales of the top 10 in each accounted for 5 seats. Amoy brand men’s defeat across the board, Tmall 2012 sales of the top ten accounted for only 3 seats, the rest are traditional brand.

in 2014 double eleven, women’s traditional brand to a strong performance, UNIQLO after Han clothing in the second row, and occupied 3 places in the top six, flat with the Amoy brand; and men’s clothing is more severe, the TOP10 list has no trace of the Amoy brand, become traditional brands dominate the world situation.

Amoy brand how, the future will be how to develop?

Amoy hidden behind the brand crisis

surface, Amoy brand crisis is mainly due to the impact of the impact of the decline in brand influence and traffic.

but it should be noted that the early Amoy brand, conform to the basic needs of the user was cheap, stay in a relatively simple trading level. For example, to buy a woman’s figure is cheap, delicious snacks can be affordable, very few consider the brand factors. Therefore, most of the Amoy brand focus was born in women’s clothing, snacks and other consumer brand awareness is relatively weak category.

at the time of the Amoy brand enterprises for small workshops and even shop background, neither brand connotation and the ability of the supply chain, nor what standard enterprise management experience. In the flow bonus period, these short board >

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