The electricity supplier giant battle started in rural whitewashing 8000 half of Jingdong

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China’s rural population accounted for nearly 50% of the total population, the proportion of Internet users accounted for only less than the proportion of less than 10% of Internet consumption.

– iResearch consulting

last year the national rural online shopping market reached 180 billion yuan, is expected in 2016 will exceed 460 billion yuan, with the explosive growth of


– Alibaba

electricity supplier giant war extends to the rural market. 12 days ago, the Jingdong group Southwest’s first all electric Jingdong help service shop opened in Dayi County, Dayi county and the business scope covers 17 towns, under the jurisdiction of the 3 villages, covering an area of 1545 square kilometers, all the electric Jingdong "last mile" reach out into the rural market. In the second half of last year, called the electricity supplier to enter the rural market intensive period, Jingdong, Suning, Alibaba announced the strategic planning of rural electricity supplier, electricity supplier giant battle for the rural market has started. In addition, SF, new hope dairy and other traditional companies are the tentacles of the rural market.

cooperation model into the southwest of the country’s first Jingdong to help open

Jingdong help service store is an important measure to enter the rural market Jingdong group, rural consumers can enjoy Jingdong fast delivery, installation and maintenance services." Jingdong official said, the next 3 years, "the Jingdong for service shop" will be rolled out in the national district, eliminate the urban and rural household appliances price discrimination, "do the same price, so that people in the village and town people enjoy the same consumer services."

Chengdu evening news reporter saw at the Dayi Jingdong to help ", the shop has nearly 10 employees, taking orders, delivery, customer service and other services, Jingdong home appliances division black business unit general manager Sun Zhitao introduction," Jingdong to help "cooperative mode," specifically, the staff is decided by the store, Jingdong according to a certain proportion into."

through Jingdong help, we can get through the last mile of rural e-commerce, so that farmers and electricity providers to achieve close contact." Jingdong responsible person, also can solve the rural "five big problems: high price, less category, delivery, installation, slow return to."

Jingdong warehouse relevant responsible person said, the future of Jingdong will be around a year or so to open the speed of Jingdong to help service stores, which will open more than 100 new homes in Sichuan this year.

giants compete for the rural market Jingdong during the first half of 8000 pieces of


Jingdong targeting the rural market for a long time. In December 17th last year, the Jingdong group announced a strategic collaboration with Grameen Chinese in many areas, work together to develop the China rural financial market. Half a month ago, the Jingdong group and the county people’s government to carry out rural e-commerce cooperation signed a strategic cooperation agreement, will "spark pilot" the first national electricity supplier pilot county in Sichuan, from the construction of Jingdong service center, improve the rural distribution system, rural cooperative recruitment point, support business platform and traditional business enterprises, the establishment of large appliances help Jingdong "service shop five.

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