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will now be described as the electricity supplier market a round pizza, then this pizza has been all kinds of every hue shopping platform among the There is not much left. As we all know, the city often see busy shuttle in the crowd courier staff, their way to run away from the masses shopping tired and energy, for everyone to bring convenience. On the contrary, shopping in rural areas is far from the city. Rural roads so far because of the uneven distribution of the population is divided into the reasons for the region is not to be distributed, which is very close to the people of omission.

has been how to narrow the gap between urban and rural areas, promote rural economic development has been the topic of concern to the government, whether it is Internet Summit, or the national NPC and CPPCC, this topic we already electricity supplier to the countryside has not really for having heard it many times, implement, promote rural economic consumption, improve people’s living standard not only is the policy of the country, will also become the inevitable development trend the countryside as a new electricity supplier strategy localization. Will be vigorously promote the electricity supplier. People lived in rural areas are very clear, farmers’ shopping is to rely on the basic law of the market and the market town or village canteen supermarket, where the types of goods is very limited. If you need to buy big ticket items or electronic products, people will choose to go to the city, the road back and forth can ensure that in the limited time to purchase their favorite products, such as shopping experience comparing with the city can not be generalized. Indeed, no rural downtown, there is no urban heavy traffic there is a variety of goods. This is the loss of businesses, farmers are not convenient.

occasionally, I come into contact with my business in rural electricity providers to bring a new shopping experience for me, let me feel whether you live in remote suburban or rural or you want to buy products and you are only one step away". Why say a step away, listen to me to explain to you. My business is a new type of rural electricity supplier shopping platform, they will choose our rural sales and supermarkets as a join point, is the most terminal shopping. Set the big screen terminal in the supermarket, easy to understand, if the elderly children don’t understand where the supermarket shopping, the salesperson can tell you how to operate, so that your next purchase can easily operate alone. I was in the supermarket on the first visit to a lot of very convenient place, the screen above the terminal classification rotten can be searched quickly want to buy goods, daily necessities daily necessaries tea, household appliances, mobile phone number, variety, beyond count. The price is very good, so I can save the transportation cost to the city. It is important to submit orders after I was only waiting for delivery, the salesman told me that my business in rural electricity providers to buy products above to submit orders within 72 hours to arrive. After the submission of your order, I will be the exclusive supplier of rural electricity providers will be sent to the goods you submit the order of the supermarket, I can come over again to complete the entire shopping process.

the whole operation mode of the rural electricity supplier in our country is unified with the traditional consumption mode of the peasants, really want to think of the farmers, based on the fundamental of the farmers, but also can help farmers to understand electricity

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