Wu Gang joined the auto electric business platform traditional car prices frequent loss of talent

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auto industry is entering a new normal, car market slowdown led to increased competition, as well as the rapid invasion of the Internet thinking, combined with multiple factors led to the frequent changes in the traditional car prices executives this year.

The general manager of

automobile group, former assistant to the president in the hippocampus car sales limited Wu Gang after the resignation of nearly 4 months, recently officially joined the global automotive group, any platform car electricity supplier’s my car "CEO post, also serves as senior vice president of global automotive group. Wu Gang in May 26th to accept the first Financial Daily reporters admitted that he did join the new company.

to adapt to the age of the Internet has brought change and ecological changes in the field of automotive marketing, global car began a strategic transformation from 2014, the establishment of electronic business platform – "my city", realize the transition from the traditional auto media group to "media + data + services + business" for the characteristics of the new automobile marketing company. Global car for the electricity supplier in the strategic transformation, the ecological change of automobile circulation and pay attention to the marketing innovation of Wu Gang attractive.

at the end of January this year, Wu Gang resigned from the seahorse automobile group. May 26th, Wu Gang in an interview with this reporter is not willing to talk about his reasons for job hopping. However, there are people close to Wu Gang said, Wu Gang began to rethink their role change from last year, he wants to use his many years of experience in the host plant and accumulation, and the profound understanding and practice of electric cars 2, his understanding of the "Internet plus automobilecirculation" share out.

this year, Wu Gang’s old team hippocampus car group, although sales still maintain a certain growth, but the situation is not optimistic. Hippocampus car (000572.SZ) the latest data show that this year, 1~4 months, the hippocampus car group car sales of 61 thousand and 700, an increase of 7.95%. However, it is worth noting that, in addition to the rapid growth of SUV vehicles, passenger cars, MPV and the cross type passenger car sales have dropped sharply, especially in April, sales SUV models it is difficult to be spared and the decline in car prices, the April car sales fell under 14.79%.

at the same time, China’s auto market overall sales are not satisfactory. Statistics China Automobile Industry Association show that in April this year, car sales reached 1 million 994 thousand and 500 units, a decline of 10.98%, down 0.49%, 1~4 months of this year, the automobile production and sales were 8 million 280 thousand and 800 units and 8 million 144 thousand and 800 units, an increase of 4.12% and 2.77%, 1.14 percentage points and 1.13 percentage points lower than the first quarter, down 4.87 over the same period last year percentage points and 6.30 percentage points. The car slowed, will undoubtedly increase car sales pressure, car sales this year to the frequent changes in senior positions.

at present, whether it is a joint venture brand or own brand 4S store this traditional sales channels are under greater pressure

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