Ali attacked a small seller to return to rational rational win

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Ali seems to be really angry, although this anger is inevitable in order to promote the sales of Tmall point of the suspects, but from a fair perspective, Ali, the launch of the prohibition of virtual product credit brush, speculation credit, selling fake products, infringement of intellectual property rights has become a focus of the market against Taobao for Ali perhaps, some omissions or wrong kill behavior exists in the process of blow, so by some small sellers, the formation of large-scale denounce Ali Cuosha behavior, in this sense, a home seems to stand in a weak position, but inevitably Cuosha could be the thorough and fair become difficult, perhaps this is the ultimate goal of small sellers, that is to let Taobao blocked for speculation credit behavior can become The.

on the Internet but face numerous speculation credit behavior, will sell fake products as genuine, infringement of intellectual property rights are visible in this chaos of Taobao in the market, if not finishing, the result is that some really serious to operate Taobao stores rather than income, and let those detour the revenue of the seller not cheap, so from the perspective of fairness and justice, for Ali this is completely blocked, standing on the side of justice.

regression rationality is the key

for small sellers booing and attacks, the situation becomes very tough Ali, if back to previous years Ali mall service fees under attack compared to ascension, Ali’s attitude is obviously stronger, from that point of view, Taobao market in Ali’s strategy is to eliminate the node, if the Taobao market chaos do not straighten out, but the results will damage to Taobao Tmall’s credit, the business will have a negative impact, this small sellers should maintain restraint and rationality, and Ali were normal troubleshooting, communication may exist for the killing to be positive and Ali, and should not be small sellers have an ulterior motive the kidnapping, which often make things become more and more stiff, is not conducive to solve things.

, that is to say, for Ali to block malicious speculation credit, counterfeit products sales random problems, businesses should adopt a positive attitude to support, rather than by the mode of attack to muddy the waters, to know Taobao from the date of birth, as the seller in the market is already in a vulnerable groups, especially Ali the strategy has been to focus on Taobao Tmall, at this time if you make trouble, the end result is still the Taobao market losses, can only let consumers increasingly distrust. So return to reason is the key.

Ali should focus on communication skills

from the trouble of small sellers these days, Ali treatment according to the emergency treatment is not perfect, too hard, make some victimizes small sellers very angry, of course, plus some sellers to fan the flames, makes it a lot more stiff, the correct approach should be adopted through effective communication resolve to differentiate small sellers groups, that can really heavy > in earnest operation businesses shop

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