Jingdong online flash purchase channel red for the brand clear inventory

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NetEase Francisco January 8th news, Jingdong officially launched the brand sale channel, Jingdong flash purchase "red", the independent two level domain name: red.jd.com.

Jingdong "red" can meet the brands in the Jingdong on the platform from the new demand to comprehensive inventory clearance. Each participating in the red brand goods display time three days, every day at 10 points on the new, and all use Jingdong self storage and distribution services.

The person in charge of the "red" project of

Jingdong said that the Jingdong flash purchase for all participating merchants to collect the low point deduction, and the settlement cycle is very fast, 7 days after the online businesses can receive the first payment. The first batch of goods to achieve on-line brand low discount, GUCCI, COACH and Lies Dan are 60 percent off cap, Kelan diamond low to 70 percent off, mercury textile as low as 85% off, Gloria low to 80 percent off, the same product is more affordable than other sites.

insiders said, Jingdong relying on Jingdong flash purchase supply chain not only in handling poop, but from the new to the comprehensive solution of inventory clearance.

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