Amazon France found that new lucrative commodities 430 thousand overweight campus market

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June 21st news, following the introduction of food, games mall, Amason (France) recently opened a new channel. The channel specializing in the sale of books, bags, desks and chairs and other school supplies, the current mall offers 14 categories of goods 43000.


Amazon said, September for the school season, parents tend to buy a large number of school supplies before and after school, the formation of seasonal consumption. For the purchase of time is more concentrated, consumers may face out of stock, queuing situation, based on the above point of pain, we have decided to open a shop."

According to the data of

market research company GFK, -9 at the beginning of July 2015 at the beginning of the month of school activities amounted to 480 million euros, just 2 months of sales accounted for more than half of total sales.

in the country, businesses have also focused on the campus market, September 2015, Alipay faces north, on the wide and other 11 city students distributed chowhound discount coupons; over the same period, Tmall first millet millet 4C, and launched the installment purchase mode to attract college campus users; previously, Amazon has to school provide services to help them to multiple Kindle send bulk ebook reader.

billion state power network learned in force segments, Amazon market to further expand. Reported that in the first quarter of 2016, Amazon’s turnover rose 28% year on year, reaching $29 billion 100 million, net income of $513 million.

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