Jingdong can not afford the price war publishers threatened to shut shop

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in today’s double 11 Shopping Festival, the major electricity supplier platform between you for me to grab is a good thing. This competition in addition to face the benign competition, there are insiders told reporters in the price war Jingdong due to weak competition, even threat publishers shut shop.

from the Jingdong executives Sun Jing news release said: "from the beginning of 9, XX 0, 1-4.9% cap, seriously disturbed the market order! Hope we can work together to maintain a healthy price, stop the XX inverse of price behavior. We all know that this inverse price behavior, in the end is to let the people who are cheap, is the end of the reader, or small bookstore channels! We self-examination, 16 points before the withdrawal of the activities, and give XX punitive measures. XX cannot change the policy must now immediately sign an agreement to the Jingdong in December 5 to 60% off days, price and sales mode of sales promotion letters, to do the promotion of Maori Jingdong protection! Neither stop nor XX to the Jingdong for the product, will be sold in 11 days 0 sales peak shield.


fierce price war, Jingdong can not stand it?

at this time the double 11 price book price war, Amazon launched the "full 200 minus 100" imported books full 200 minus 50 "and other activities; Dangdang is to hang out" 50 thousand kinds of books 1-4.9 fold "; suning.com also launched the" 50 percent off peaks "activities, while the Jingdong mall is played 51% off million a good book, 50 percent off Cap", "full 300 minus 100", "full 150 minus 50".

Jingdong in the fierce price war with the electricity supplier platform, Jingdong is clearly not stand up, but Jingdong actually secretly publishers do not shut down some overbearing.

according to the published sources, the Jingdong is the high price, the main reason is that the Jingdong into the store promotion fees, fees and so a lot of the cost of a multitude of names add a large number of cost to publishers and Jingdong; take the self logistics form, virtually give yourself added a lot of operating costs.

book prices fall down, the damage can only be user

for many users, the reason why you choose to buy a lot of books on the day of the double 11, the main reason is the day book prices cheaper than usual.

but Jingdong can not carry the threat of low price war publishers shut shop, which is contrary to the rules of good competition in the business, but it will lead to book prices remain high, the damage is ultimately only the user.

as of press time ago, this news has not been officially confirmed.

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