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2012 is the electricity supplier price war is the most brutal year, while another round of price war also exposed some problems, consumers of electricity supplier price war is a question, the relevant departments that will regulate the electricity supplier price war in 2013, the United States began the "reflection" of price war, but there is a price the butcher said the Jingdong is that the electricity supplier price war has come to an end. It seems there are signs that this year the electricity supplier price war will continue, and in fact, this year, the electricity supplier price war has triggered at any moment.

who want to conduct electricity supplier price war?

electricity supplier price war will continue to need to find out who is going to continue the price war. From the recent electricity supplier position, in addition to Jingdong do not want to continue the price war, other electricity providers are determined to price war in the end. Shop No. 1, it has big Jingdong, Gome electricity supplier "is" eulogy April launch promotional activities to pave the way to do, suning.com’s April storm of Youth Theme promotional activities have also started.

traditional retail giant Suning, Gome, backed by Tencent easion, the background is the WAL-MART Shop No. 1, the four major electricity supplier have their own plans, but the same goal, a similar style, "price war" is the most simple and crude, effective way to attack.


electricity supplier to continue the price war?

first, know who will continue to fight the price war this year, the next step is to understand why the price war. The four major electricity supplier for the purpose of price war is consistent, it is hoped that through the price war to drive sales, improve market position, market competition for the right to speak, for the future to lay a good foundation for long-term market competition. In addition, even if the Jingdong can not be knocked down, but also to shorten the gap, affecting its IPO effect.

last year, the electricity supplier market transactions amounted to 13000 billion, accounting for the total retail sales of social consumer goods, the impact of online and offline has been visible to the. The electricity supplier is to represent the general trend, more and more online purchasing power transfer line, between commercial enterprises not only in the fight for the original market, still snatch brought by the rapid development of the industry of the new market, this part of the market, you do not, by competitors from nature, and the price war is the most effective way for market competition.

second, the electricity supplier price war is not simply seen literally, only price competition, another major role in the price war is the public relations competition. Round after round of price wars continue to get media attention, access to media attention can affect more consumers.

if the business enterprise want to give consumers affordable, as long as commodity prices will be reduced to a minimum, and then quietly sell on the line, why from time to time to spend a lot of manpower and material resources to launch the so-called electricity supplier price war? Because today is overcapacity and information explosion era, the era of attention economy is a buyer’s market, not to attract consumers attention enterprises are likely to be eliminated by the fierce market competition. In particular, the major electricity supplier companies to King said.

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