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domestic e-commerce has been through these years of development. In the meantime, China’s Internet industry has experienced from the climax to the trough, but also from the trough by the climax of the process, to this day, China’s e-commerce shopping site in the face of the financial crisis, will come out of what kind of steady road.

first we talk about where the customer, Jingdong, Dangdang, excellence, personal experience in logistics, Newegg and so different.

1, Eslite is a professional clothing website, in the earlier, where the customer is free shipping. It seems for home delivery and cash on delivery, the quality of clothes that’s a matter of opinion, my feeling is not very suitable for young people to wear clothes are some formal clothes, kind or a little less, at the same time, we feel a sense of how to make money, in addition to the single. The freight has been difficult to make money, then free shipping policy changed to over 200 yuan to buy things for freight, due to the small amount plus freight can not feel the convenience of online shopping, and give up to buy clothes from the Internet; from the beginning of June 29th, only 30 yuan can be enough to free shipping, 30 yuan is easy to achieve, look, good style clothes, after the above still buy a few pieces of clothes, believe that good quality.

2, Dangdang books and audio-video products is now set to the development of books, electronic products, cosmetics, clothing, department stores a full range of shopping website for a free shipping, which is, like the previous Taiyuan the capital city from order is generally third days to receive the goods, finally bought a snack for second days just to feel good, good things to protect not crushed, faster. In the electronic products price is not what the commodity price advantage, the same thing can be a bit of a mess in Dangdang self sell, in the other store also buy and store is generally not freight, price and price online almost, this is when the characteristics of their own, self and in store two; while the other one is the main site of goods agents or the manufacturer’s products outside the store is settled, Dangdang settled by some other aspects of this authentication store, and Taobao mall alike, it seems there is no advantage.

3 is the 11 city, Newegg shopping full 99 yuan free shipping other city free shipping over 299 yuan, so if the value of the free shipping is a very good website, now is like assembling a computer, may be the motherboard, chassis power supply, CPU part on a website to buy some of the other. In another site to buy something, the price is cheaper than other sites, as well as its special flash sale, treasure area, first of all to be photographed, tried, the maintenance of the product price to get "treasure zone" to deal with price cuts, the idea is to create the estimated first, often some value the panic buying activities, was a good order can not be modified, if you buy the wrong things only to re order, is a very troublesome thing, now seems to be changed can be modified.

4, the Jingdong is now free shipping is used on the Internet such as 400 yuan.

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