How traditional weapon enterprises to enter the field of electronic commerce

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online marketing, e-commerce has become a big trend, this trend will become the mainstream of the economic life of our country, any enterprise marketing direction slowly began to adjust their own marketing channels, mainly from the traditional to the line, and slowly turned to traditional network camp combining planar media, mainly for network publicity the plane, and auxiliary stereo TV propaganda system. Whether you are a large enterprise, or medium-sized enterprises, if not catch the electronic commerce of the tail, the future, you will be the market ruthlessly eliminated, so that we can see like Gome, Suning, TCL, BELLE and other traditional giants to establish their own electronic commerce department, electronic commerce market network marketing. For many small and medium enterprises to establish business tradition, easy, but really how to operate, he with the original line channels how to deal with, how he relationship with the original suppliers, the price below the line and the line price and how to deal with a lot of questions and so on in front, let many enterprises retreat deterred, reluctant to enter the market.

above a lot of traditional enterprises to meet the actual problems are listed out, the following will be a solution to these problems and the actual solution to these problems, only to participate in.

question 1: how to deal with the online price and price. There are two ways to solve this problem. One way, the main factors of China’s electronic commerce affects users shopping or price, the price is not good and not attract users, so the online price is cheaper than the line, but to maintain a certain proportion, so that everyone can accept this, the proportion of online and offline are not affected, the golden ratio is 10% to 15% interval. Two, processing differences of online and offline, online and offline sales not only styles or products, so there is no pricing problem, because the user has no price for the company, this pricing system or the credibility of the company is very helpful. The characteristics and can for network users, develop more suitable products online shopping crowd, in this way, not only can improve their sales performance, but also to the company under the line brand awareness still has certain benefits.

question two: how to deal with the original line under the channel. Many companies, both want to develop online channels, while the original line to develop hardships does not affect the channel, then, how the two combine to truly protect the interests of both parties? Need the following two steps to solve. The first step: to prohibit the original camp, the channel for any network marketing related activities, to recover the company’s unified management and operation. This will not cause confusion brand, price confusion problem. But also help to improve the company’s image. The second step is to share with the interests of suppliers. E-commerce is the first to consider the issue of logistics and distribution, since the major suppliers have already been, then the local suppliers are the best logistics providers. So, on the network for sales, local >

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