The third party payment license issued by the enterprise or after the list has been confirmed

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industry expect the first batch of "third party payment license was not announced on Friday issued, but according to sources, the first batch of the list of the third party payment license of the enterprise has been determined, but the central bank issued a formal license is likely to be after the spring festival.

recent meeting of the central bank also revealed that to strengthen and improve the supervision and management of non-financial institutions payment services, is one of the focus of this year’s work.

in order to regulate the market, the central bank in 2010 issued the "non financial institution payment service management measures" provisions, from September 1, 2010 onwards, financial institutions have been engaged in non payment business a year for "pay business license", overdue to obtain "licence" enterprises will not continue to engage in payment business.

publicity time has more than 20 days

at the end of December last year, a total of 17 third party payment companies list was first released, 6 Beijing, 6 Shanghai, 2 Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and Hainan each have 1, while silver contact is accounted for 4 of the number of home.

for the first list of enterprises to obtain a license, the central bank’s head office will be in the form of examination and approval committee. According to regulations, the declaration of the enterprise will be the result of 20 days after the central bank publicity. However, the results were not released last Friday.

third party payment company believes that the rapid development of the third party payment has not obtained legal status, if allowed to license, will be conducive to the third party payment companies to expand to more areas, such as the third party pay little involved in the fund industry, may also become the next focus of competition, and will promote the payment mobile payment, mobile phone and other innovative means of payment.

it is understood that the central bank does not limit the number of third party payment license, whether it is state-owned or private capital of non-financial institutions, as long as the central bank can meet the provisions of the license.

central bank stressed strict start

reporter saw on the central bank website, strengthen and improve the supervision and management of non-financial institutions to pay services, has been one of the key tasks of the people’s Bank of 2011 payment and settlement work. However, the central bank proposed to do a good job of non-financial institutions to pay service management, adhere to strict start, establish and improve the examination and approval procedures, improve business management rules, to achieve fairness, impartiality, transparency.

according to the central bank website data, in 2010 the country’s payment and settlement system handled a total of 12 billion payment operations, amounting to $1663 trillion and 900 billion. The third party payment market scale of 1 trillion yuan, is still only a fraction of. However, the current third party payment market grew by more than 90%, far more than the overall market growth of more than 37.8%.

Analysys International believes that by applying for payment of the license granted by the state, the third party pay the legal status of the enterprise, which will be conducive to the third party payment industry healthy, sustained and rapid development.

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